Strategic Partnership : Fairy Forest NFT x Dream Boat Capital

🤝 Fairy Forest NFT is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Dream Boat Capital!

Dreamboat Capital is a startup company that aims to facilitate people who want to invest in blockchain companies through cryptocurrency, but they don’t have the time to do research on a good and trusted project.

What is Fairy Forest?

Fairy Forest is an NFT game based on a web browser that strives to be recognized as the best of gaming crypto projects. In this world, you can sow, grow your own plants and fight with other Players.

Each plant is a unique NFT creature that can possess artifacts for improvements: elixir, crystal, magic stone and root. Combine them together to create new rare and exciting combinations of benefits. Plants with a higher level can defeat stronger enemies and get better rewards. Everyone has the same opportunity to get plants. Any plant can grow from seven, from the most common to the rarest.

Learn more about Fairy Forest :

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Source : Binance Medium

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