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“NFTs project, including high liquidity marketplace and attractive RPG game with world class design of collectibles”

Andrew (BSC.News):

Hello everyone and welcome to the AMA with Step Hero!

Today we have the CTO Lilly from Step Hero joining us for this AMA


Lilly Ng:

Hello everyone. Nice to e-meet you guys and have chance to talk about Step Hero – the project that our team and I have been putting so much effort into.

Andrew (BSC.News):

Yeah we are very excited to hear more about your project so its a pleasure to have you here

Lilly Ng:

It’s my pleasure too. I’m glad to answer all of the questions today.

Andrew (BSC.News):

Awesome so how this will work is, the AMA will consist of two rounds. The first round will be us going through the questions that I had prepared for you before hand. And then the second round will be a community round where I will open up the room to allow questions to come in. The second round is also where we will select the two winners of our giveaway 🙂

Sound good with you Lilly?

Lilly Ng:

Fantastic! Look forward to interesting questions for me ❤️

Andrew (BSC.News):

Okay great let’s jump right into it

1. What is Step Hero? What are you trying to contribute to the NFT space?

Lilly Ng:

Before answering the question about Step Hero, let me introduce about myself first.

Andrew (BSC.News):

Yeah of course

Lilly Ng:

I’m Lilly Nguyen, and I’m the CMO of Step Hero. I earned my Master’s degree in International Marketing Management in the United Kingdom. I have over 6 years of experience in marketing and business development. My most recent role is working as a Growth Hacking Expert and CMO at one of Vietnam’s leading IT startups. Of course, creative and growth hacking are two of my strong suits. 

Seven years ago, I stumbled into the crypto market when I began investing in a currency recommended by a friend. Since that day, it has completely changed my life in various ways. Eventually, I became a blockchain project builder and joined the Step Hero team. Before Step Hero, our team also built another P2E game project together and everything went well so far. We aspire to build a leading NFT ecosystem in the blockchain space which brings value and income to our users/investors.

Andrew (BSC.News):

Wow you are very experienced and educated

Good for you!

Lilly Ng:

Thanks so much @DrewtheAce

Andrew (BSC.News):

So being that you have a vast amount of knowledge in this field, what is Step Hero? and what are you trying to contribute to the NFT Space?

Lilly Ng:

Basically, Step Hero is a comprehensive NFT ecosystem comprises: 

⚔️ Step Hero RPG Game – The lucrative NFT fantasy-themed RPG game on BSC and Polygon 🏪 HERO NFT Marketplace – a cross-chain and high liquidity NFT Marketplace 

🎁 Step Hero Collectibles – artworks made with the most high quality graphic design 

The ecosystem is built on Binance Smart Chain as the main blockchain & bridged over Polygon. 

Indeed, Step Hero RPG is the first NFT Fantasy-themed role-playing game on the Polygon Network, and we’re so proud of it! 🥰

Actually, our game studio with 15 years of experience in game building has developed Step Hero more than 1 year ago in format of a traditional game. However, we could realize the potential and the booming trend of crypto in general and NFT in particular from the early stage. Therefore, we decided to integrate this game to blockchain to bring more benefits to our players. That’s why you can see Step Hero today.

Our visions are to bring users the most novelistic gaming experience and the most lucrative earning opportunities while promoting the expansion of the BSC & Polygon ecosystems and the mass adoption of blockchain applications. More than that, we target to become one of the leading NFT ecosystems in the blockchain space and well, become the next Axie Infinity. That’s the goal so far.

You can find a brief introduction of Step Hero here for more details:

Andrew (BSC.News):

Okay great! Very neat so let’s unpack a bit here

2. How is the game played? What do users need in order to play?

Lilly Ng:

I’m really excited to talk about the gameplay because it’s one of key products. This is the quick introduction about the game:

 ⁃ Plot of Step Hero is based on the scene of a world destroyed by the legion of demon lord Lucifer. Players will take the role of heroes in different eras accompanying archangel Gabriel to fight against the army of shadow (Whitepaper)

 ⁃ The player’s mission is to fight, collect in-game items and money (STEP coin), craft weapons to buff energy, then continue to fight. The power level of the shadow legion will become stronger and stronger.

 ⁃ In-game resources such as characters, character upgrade system, money (STEP coin), weapon items are accessible by 3rd parties, allowing community developers to attribute to the game development and enhance their experience themselves about the world of Step Hero.

More than a game, Step Hero also has features of a social network with a strong community, helping players on investment to earn money from game.

Andrew (BSC.News):

Wait so people outside of your dev team can contribute to the game?

Lilly Ng:

We’re working on this feature and hope that it can go live in the mainnet version which will be released in November this year

Overall, users need to hold $HERO token to farm NFTs collectibles and collect STEP (in-game token) as well as other in-game items to play and leverage their heroes.

We’re still developing more features and collecting feedback of users to make the best version. In testnet version launched in October, players can experience the game early then give us constructive comments to make amend. And we hope that the game will meet users’ needs and demands since the team always try our best for our beloved users ❤️

Andrew (BSC.News):

Nice so in regards to your in game NFTs

3. Who can mint a HERO card? Are there different tiers of rarity depending on the card? Can you explain how users can acquire Heros?

Lilly Ng:

Actually we don’t use card, we use characters or can be called collectibles themselves. Players can have NFTs by staking $HERO tokens or buy NFTs right on our marketplace. There are 6 types rarity: 

 ⁃ Common

 ⁃ Uncommon

 ⁃ Rare

 ⁃ Super rare

 ⁃ Mythical

 ⁃ Legendary

More information about Step Hero collectibles you can find on our whitepaper:

Andrew (BSC.News):

Okay great, for sure need to go check out your docs

4. Can you tell us more about your token and it’s utility within your platform?

Lilly Ng:

Definitely! HERO tokens can be staked and farmed with reward points, which can be earned daily based on the number of HERO tokens that you have staked before. The mechanism of farming will be carried out in 2 methods: 

1. Heroes Farm – Stake HERO to earn Points each day. You can claim the desired NFT when the enough quantity of Step Hero is earned. 

2. Heroes LP Farm – Deposit HERO and BNB tokens on PancakeSwap to receive a reward in the form of FLIP tokens, the liquidity provider of the PancakeSwap platform. Then users can redeem point and FLIP for NFT that can be traded on marketplace. After the redemption, the corresponding points are burned.

Holding Step Hero’s utility token named $HERO has many use cases. For example, users can stake and farm HERO token to redeemable for NFT. Another application is the NFT marketplace. Along with other tokens, HERO tokens are utilized as a payment currency in the Hero NFTs Marketplace, purchasing for in-game items and even in-game tokens called STEP.

Andrew (BSC.News):

And how much are you anticipating for a HERO character to cost?

Lilly Ng:

Basically I can’t give an estimated cost right now because it depends on many criteria 😂 After our IDO on August 15, a big campaign will be run that allows users to open treasure chests and received random NFTs. That’s all I can reveal at the moment because I want to save the best for last. Hope you guys can join Step Hero telegram channel @stephero_ann and community @stephero_chat to update latest information about the project.

Andrew (BSC.News):

Gotcha all good haha

5. What other features does Step Hero offer?

Lilly Ng:

As I introduced Step Hero in the first question, our project has a comprehensive and homogeneous ecosystem. Beside HERO token, world class design of NFT collectibles and attractive gameplay, we also have a high liquidity and cross-chain marketplace with superior features such as:

✅ Simple NFT Minting

✅ Anti-plagiary Mechanisms

✅ Payment in Your Favorable Tokens

✅ NFT Auctions

✅ Affiliate Marketing with appealing commission rate for both referrers and referees

The demo version of this NFT marketplace is already displayed on our website. Please have a look:

Andrew (BSC.News):

Fantastic, thank you for that information

6. If there were to be an NFT bubble burst, what would happen to Step Hero? How would you overcome a bear market when users are faced with high sell pressure?

Lilly Ng:

This question is compelling and of course, quite tough simultaneously. We’ve been thinking about this issue for a long time since the day we started to create this project. Going through the uptrend and downtrend is unavoidable in crypto market and we already prepare for the worst case – bearish period. Honestly, we’re totally confident in the proficiency of Step Hero in comparison with other NFT gaming projects and we’re all in this game. It’s not until now that the game is built, as I said before, it’s been started over 1 year ago and we went through so many development stages. I believe that users worldwide will accept such a quality project like Step Hero and support the game for a long time. Besides, we also have tactics so stabilize the token price, even increase it during downtrend. HERO token has many use cases that is worth holding and players can earn money, make profit as well as receive rewards right from playing game. Moreover, our VCs and investors are leading individuals and enterprises in crypto field, extremely committed so they would not dump token at any cases. Last but not least, our team also has secret methods to pump token price based on the abundant resources and capital of the project (but I can’t say details now).

You can see our backers’ logo in the final section of website

Andrew (BSC.News):

Okay so you can say that no matter through a bear or bull market you will still be there in 5-10 years?

Lilly Ng:

Absolutely! Our objectives of entering the NFT market is sustainable development in long-term, not a temporary entry.

Andrew (BSC.News):

Of course

So in terms of security on your platform

7. How can you ensure users that your platform is safe to use and that their funds will not be compromised?

Lilly Ng:

We’re working with prestigious legal companies for the audit and authorization. Besides, we also publish all major team members on official channels. That means we can ensure the safety for our users by all means.

Here is Step Hero team. We look cool, right? 😎

Andrew (BSC.News):

Yeah that is great to hear

and I love the animation haha

Lilly Ng:

Thanks for your compliment. Really appreciate it 🙏

Andrew (BSC.News), [Aug 11, 2021 at 1:56:26 PM]:

So last but not least

8. Do you have any exciting news you would like to announce here today?

Lilly Ng:

Yeah I’m waiting for this 🚀 The IDO event will take place on August 15 (only 4 days left) with the public sale price at $0.1/ HERO token. The platforms we choose for TGE is LauchZone and Red Kite. We’re currently running 2 whitelist campaigns: 

– On LaunchZone:

– On Red Kite:

Don’t forget to join one of these two because the spots are still there for you to acquire 🤟

And hope you will follow our official channels for more details about IDO: 

– Website:

– Whitepaper:

– Twitter:

– Medium:

– Reddit:

– Fanpage:

– Facebook group:

– Youtube:

Andrew (BSC.News):

Very exciting! Make sure to go check that out all to stay up to date on their latest news for a very exciting projectThis is a paid Ask Me Anything (AMA), BSC.News does not endorse and is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products, or other materials on this page. The project team has purchased this advertisement AMA for $2000 Readers should do their own research before taking any actions related to the company. BSC.News is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods, or services mentioned in the AMA.

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