Step Hero – A Fantasy-Themed, NFT-Based Ecosystem

The ecosystem offers a variety of NFT-based services, with a core element being their play-to-earn Role-Playing Game (RPG) that uses their proprietary tokens as a key part of gameplay.

A Heroic Endeavor

Step Hero is a fantasy-themed Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon. The ecosystem combines a Non-Fungible-Token (NFT) marketplace, DeFi yield farming, and a compelling NFT-based RPG in one compelling package.

The game mechanics allow players to have fun and profit at the same time, all while enjoying a social networking experience with other community members.

“Our game development team has over 15 years of experience creating world-class games with stunning visual and addictive gameplay. Over the years, we’ve been thinking about how to bring more value to the players of our games,” a post on Step Hero’s Medium blog reads. “We can now realize that goal thanks to blockchain technology and, in particular, NFT technology. By tokenizing our in-game characters and items into NFTs and creating a market for them, we can now bring those items real-life value from which our users can benefit.”

Step Hero

What is Step Hero?

The Step Hero ecosystem is the perfect combination of NFT gaming & DeFi, enabling users to have fun and earn profit simultaneously.

 The three main facets that make up the ecosystem are as follows: 

Step Hero RPG game

The gaming aspect of Step Heroes where good and evil wage war in an RPG format. Fight in battles, increase your energy and grow stronger using NFT cards..

Heroes Farming

A farming and staking environment in which players can earn new HERO NFTs.

  • NFT Marketplace

A cross-chain marketplace where NFTs can be minted, sold or bought. Users can hold NFT auctions, purchase new NFTs, and benefit from affiliated programs.

The three tenets form a diverse ecosystem in which players can battle against Lucifer’s hordes while they earn during the process.

The NFT marketplace of Step Hero


From the Step Hero Medium post detailing the project:

The $HERO token is the native token of the Step Hero ecosystem. The token has a number of functions, including as a means of exchange, and accruing farming points for NFT in-game redemption. Through the staking and farming of $HERO tokens, users can acquire new NFT character cards to be used in-game.

HERO has four main uses in the ecosystem:

HERO Farming: HERO tokens are used for farming tokens that can be redeemed for NFTs.

Payment in HNM: HERO tokens are what is used for payment in the Step Hero NFT Marketplace.

In-Game Payment: In-game transactions are made in $STEP, the in-game currency. Users will have to buy $STEP using $HERO.

Voting: Holders of a certain amount of $HERO tokens will have voting power on decisions regarding project development.

Name: HERO token

Symbol: HERO

Network: BSC & Polygon

Decimals: 18

Total supply: 100,000,000 HERO

Step Hero intends to roll out further use cases for their $HERO token as the project advances.



HERO NFT Marketplace, IDOs, and Listing 

Launch HERO NFT Marketplace

Launch public sale

List Hero token on exchanges 


Step Hero RPG Game

Game trailer & beta version 

Launch RPG Game


CEO – Gabriel Vu

Gabriel has more than 10 years of experience in e-commerce as a partner of world-class platforms including Amazon, Ebay, and Facebook. Eight years of this was focused on mobile apps development. He has exceptional know-how in community development and OMNI channel marketing. Founder & CEO at Ligovi Ecom, CMO at Phat Viet Nam.

CMO – Lilly Nguyen

Lilly has 6 years of experience at high-profile businesses in Vietnam, including VidGo, Vingroup, and Viettel Telecom. She also holds a Master of International Marketing Management. Lilly leads growth hacking and creative roles at Step Hero.

CTO – Lucifer Nguyen

Lucifer is the founder of sPhoton Technology and Deverion. He is a veteran software developer who has achieved prestigious programming awards, such as 1st prize of MSP Vietnam’s hackathon 2016 and 2nd prize of Vietnam National Imagine Cup 2015.

PhD candidate in Cryptocurrency & Blockchain, France.

Technical Lead – Stephen Dong 

Stephen holds over eight years of experience working directly with large-scale clients and IT vendors, including two years in the blockchain area. Thanks to his skills and insights in decentralization protocol architecture, system scalability and security, and DeFi solutions, he has delivered comprehensive technical architecture for Step Hero. 

Art & Game Director – Krillin Tao

Tao has 15 years of experience in art communication and game design. He was one of the creators of the animation coloring application for kids participating in the Bluebird Award – the largest competition for game developers in Vietnam in 2016. In 2012, he won “Best game idea” award in Gamejam by FPT Arera Hanoi. 


Mr. Kamran Iqbal, Advisor

Co-Founder and COO of BSC News. As an investor, advisor, and communication partner, Kamran will assist Step Hero on community development and brand marketing. Furthermore, he will connect the company with his extensive network of partners who can support the development of the project.

Mr. Thi Truong, Advisor

Mr. Thi has years of expertise in the blockchain space. His most successful initiative is PolkaFoundry, which was launched in 2018 to make the benefits of blockchain more accessible to the general public. He worked as a Software Engineer, then as a Solution Architect before being elevated to Director at FPT Corp. Following his departure from FPT, he worked as a Product Manager at Kyber Network, one of Asia’s most well-known blockchain projects initiatives. He advises Step Hero on the company growth strategy and roadmap.

Mr. Thanh Dao, Advisor

Mr. Thanh has been involved in cryptocurrencies since 2016 as a Bitcoin miner and investor. He got his MBA from UWIC and worked as a manager in Vingroup and later as the CTO of Nexty. In 2017, Thanh founded ezDeFi and launched various products. Thanh is currently CEO of ezDeFi, and the project is reaching constant new growth.

Mr. Evan Luthra, Advisor

Investor and Entrepreneur. Evan Luthra is an entrepreneur who builds and invests in fast-growing technology companies via his Incubator Fund StartupStudio online. He is a thought leader in the blockchain and cryptocurrencies space. Evan Luthra has been the topic of various TV shows and has spoken live at hundreds of events in over 50+ countries. Evan Luthra has millions of followers across various social networks. He supports Step Hero in various fields, especially marketing strategy and promotional tactics.


Step Hero has made a variety of partnerships with quality projects. They have partnered with Icetea Labs, Bull Perks, 1010 Capital, and Dutch Crypto Investors to name a few.


Step Hero is entering the GameFi market during a period of sustained growth, proving that the play-to-earn sector is a popular and potentially lucrative one. If Step Hero can find the right balance of features, fun, and profitability, they could very well find themselves in a good position to take advantage of this burgeoning market. 

With a strong core team as well as key strategic partners and advisors, Step Hero looks to have assembled the right personnel to make every success of their fantasy RPG concept. The Step Hero ecosystem offers NFT-related products that will appeal to gamers, NFT fans, and other blockchain users. 

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