Stellar Invictus AMA Transcript

BSCNews hosts Stellar Invictus, the 4X Sci-Fi MMO on mobile and web! Sign up for free and start mining TRYON!

KDOT (AMA host): Can i check the stellar Team is here? @venariuss

Tim [Will Never DM First]: Yes, I am here! 🙂

KDOT (AMA host): Hey man 🙂 welcome! Thanks for attending today!

Tim [Will Never DM First]: Of course! Thank you for having me!

KDOT (AMA host): You pumped and ready?

Tim [Will Never DM First]: Yes!

KDOT (AMA host): Ohhh right!! Lets get it!

Q1: Can You Give us an overview of the project?

Tim [Will Never DM First]: Of course! Stellar Invictus is a 4X Sci-Fi MMO heavily inspired by games like Stellaris and Galactic Civilizations 3 in which players can play in massive matches with up to 75 other players simultaneously. The game lets players expand their territory, forge alliances and fight in wars to become the most powerful. The game’s main goal is teaching players about crypto-currencies by incorporating an economy built around the TRYON token. This token can be mined in the game itself and allows players to get to know crypto without having to invest any real-world currency.

KDOT (AMA host): ah wow! amazing.. So is the game out now & able to play?

Tim [Will Never DM First]: Yes! You can start playing the game right now via browser on or on android

The TRYON integration is also already functioning and in Testnet stage. We will switch it to Mainnet if everything is working as intended and there are no major bugs. Feedback is very welcome 🙂

KDOT (AMA host): this is amazing! First Sci-Fi Game we’ve had on here as an AMA 🙂 So now that you have a working product, lets talk about the token.

Q2: If $TYRON can be mined via playing the game, whats its usecase?

Tim [Will Never DM First]: There are already plenty of use cases already in the game for $TRYON:

– Being able to swap them for the in-game tryon ore and vice versa (the ore is required to craft the best equipment in the game)

– Purchasing 30 days premium account (no ads & yield boost)

– Eliminating trading fees in the game’s trading station

– Purchasing skins for their spaceships (will be added soon)

We are also continually working on adding even more use cases at a later time.

KDOT (AMA host): aha this sounds real fun 🙂 

Q3: Can you walk us through tokenomics & tell us averagely how much in-game items will cost?

Tim [Will Never DM First]: Of course!

Tokenomics are as follows:

20.000.000 (Total Supply) 

8.000.000 (Tokensale on

5.000.000 (Available as reward for in-game mining activities)

1.000.000 (Used for staking rewards / liquidity)

6.000.000 (Fund for developers, airdrops and possible further increase of mining rewards)

Also we have a system in place for the mining pool: If a user uses TRYON to purchase a premium account for 30 days, uses TRYON to purchase a skin for a spaceship or uses tryon ore to craft equipment in-game, the server will log these events. Every month the amount that got used will get put back into the game’s mining pool.

Currently the cost for equipment mainly depends on the spaceship you want to fit it on. The bigger the spaceship the higher the required resources to craft equipment for it. But it mainly ranges between 80 and 300 tryon ore for the special equipment at the moment.

KDOT (AMA host): Nice 🙂 

Q4: So, how will players mine the token? just by playing the game?

Tim [Will Never DM First]: Yes, exactly! Players don’t need to download another piece of software like a wallet or browser extension like Metamask. So no need to have a computer running 24/7 or worry about electricity bills. They can just easily create an account and send their mining-ships in the game to mine tryon ore. They then have the ability to swap this tryon ore into the $TRYON token. This allows us to target less tech-savy and more casual users of mobile games and help them explore the world of crypto currencies!

KDOT (AMA host): ah cool, that was going to be my next Q.. 

Q5: I assume the $TYRON token can be bought/sold on the open market, how would one send it into the game & vice versa?

Tim [Will Never DM First]: In order to make Stellar Invictus as un-intrusive as possible we have created a system that generates an address on the Binance Smart Chain for every user that creates an account. (Similar to Binance for example) – The users then have the ability to send their $TRYON to their specific address. Our system will then pick up that transaction and will credit that to the user. Then they have the ability to swap their $TRYON to tryon ore or use it for any other use case I listed in my comment above. They also have the ability to withdraw their $TRYON anytime from their game wallet of course.

KDOT (AMA host): awesome! Makes sense..  So, the max supply of Tryon ore is also 20,000,000? always 1:1?

Tim [Will Never DM First]: The max supply of ingame tryon ore is basically infinite. We will decrease the amount of $TRYON a player receives from swapping the less $TRYON there is left in the mining pool. So basically the less $TRYON there is left in the mining reward pool, the less $TRYON a player will receive in exchange for their tryon ore and vice versa.

KDOT (AMA host): OK! perfect this makes sense 🙂

Q6: So how long has the team been working on creating the game?

Tim [Will Never DM First]: We have been working on the game in our spare time for roughly around 2 years as of now. We had more free time when COVID-19 hit so we were able to get more features and content into the game as originally planned. We released the game in early alpha around 3 months ago and have since then been working together with the community on making the game experience the most fun for everyone involved. There have been a lot of new features that were originally ideas from the community and we managed to squash a LOT of bugs since we have launched!

KDOT (AMA host): amazing!  Usually, its put an idea together, launch a token.. work on making the idea come to life.. 🙂 But you’ve done it differently and already have a working product! so good work!

Tim [Will Never DM First]: Thank you so much for these kind words! 🙂

Q7: I understand you have a launchpad presale tomorrow on Jetfuel, would you kindly give us a little more detail, how can people take part?

Tim [Will Never DM First]: Of course! In order to gather funds to increase the team size and being able to market Stellar Invictus through various social media channels and YouTubers, we have partnered with the awesome team over at JetFuel ( to host an IJO! We plan to sell 8.000.000 TRYON @ $0.125 per token.

The tokensale will take place tomorrow (31st March) at 5pm UTC and people will have the ability to buy $TRYON in exchange for BUSD. People also have the ability to earn a 10% discount by holding Jets (Token from JetFuel). Additionaly, there is a limit of $5.000 per wallet address in order to let more people participate in the sale.

KDOT (AMA host): Thank you for the info 🙂

Q8:  what are the future development/roadmap

Tim [Will Never DM First]: We are currently working on revamping the whole equipment system of the game including the skills and most of the stats in the game. Currently in combat there are builds that are a lot stronger than other builds and we are working to rebalance that. Rebalancing things will be an ongoing development.

We are also working on the new winning system that will let players earn different badges or spaceship skins if they have won a match. The long term plan is 50/50 based on set plans by us (listed above) and based on the feedback or ideas the community has. We work very closely together with the community in order to ensure their best gaming experience.

KDOT (AMA host): amazing! look forward to this 🙂

Q9: Can you share with us all the links on Stellar Invictus so that the readers can find out more and also follow the development of the project

Tim [Will Never DM First]: Glad to do so!

– Website:

– Android App:

– Contract Address:

– Audit Report:

– Whitepaper:

– Twitter:

– Telegram:

– JetFuel:

KDOT (AMA host): Perfect, anything you’d like to add before we open the room to community Questions?

Tim [Will Never DM First]: Again, thank you for having me! Check out the game right away and start mining TRYON at – Please also report any feedback / bugs / ideas in our Telegram. We would love to hear it!

KDOT (AMA host): Thanks @venariuss for coming on today! look forward to seeing this project flourish! Im going to open the room, for some community Qs.

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