Stellar Invictus: A 4X Sci-Fi MMO Game Using a DeFi Economy

The Stellar Invictus project tackles the gamification of DeFi uniquely and innovatively. The 4x MMO strategy game attracts all sorts of users with its unique economy integrated with crypto.

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Stellar Invictus

Stellar Invictus plans to bridge the world of crypto and gaming, specifically focused on decentralized finance(DeFi) gamifaction. This novel project aims to integrate a unique tokenomics model into a sci-fi MMO game. Users will be able to interact with 75+ players, adventuring through galaxies, creating empires, and trading across the entire use-base. Stellar Invictus integrated DeFi into this MMO through the TRYON token. This token can be purchased on exchanges, but it is also distributed to users through a “mining” incentive.

This protocol aims to successfully bridge the gaming and cryptocurrency communities in a fun way. The gamifaction of DeFi allows for a non-intrusive introduction into the crypto world for many. The game targets all users offering a browser application and a mobile app on the android store. 

TRYON, the native token, will have a plethora of features ranging from premium accounts, eliminating trading fee’s, and in-game earning mechanics. This system will not only allow fewer tech-savvy users to learn cryptocurrency, but the token incentives will aid in bootstrapping initial users to the game.

Key Features:

4X Sci-Fi MMO

Complete Trading/Economic System

In-game Mining Mechanics

The “4X” Sci-Fi MMO Features


Stellar Invictus employs a Sci-Fi MMO theme to capture users and create a unique and interactive game. Upon spawn, players are given a single tile of the universe with an already built Starbase, a construction ship, a conquered planet, and some basic resources. This is a pretty standard setup for MMO strategy games.

This feature leaves room for endless exploration and various strategies and interactions. No need to worry either, the game offers a tutorial and a dedicated help section. This will seamlessly allow players to get started on exploring unfound tiles, building stations, and colonizing planets.


Users are not confined to one starbase. As more tiles are uncovered, players will expand their territory, making way for a more extensive fleet. This is a key aspect of the game as planets are required to increase resource output.

This mechanic is intuitive yet straightforward. Users can explore, colonize, and build planets geared towards their needs; planets can harvest multiple resources or be highly specialized to produce one resource. Further, users will be able to expand using alliances. This allows players to explore together, giving them strength in numbers.


Players have two options upon confrontation of an AI or other players; they can either go to war or attempt to ally. Alliances are crucial to the game as the game becomes much more challenging when approached in a solo manner. At the same time, users have the option to attack players to extract their resources. Both features result in significant implications throughout the gameplay.


Players will be able to participate in Player-vs-Player (PvP) “wars.” Wars must be declared at least 24 hours in advance, and both users need to be online. Once initiated, the wars will last for 30 minutes if undertaken by a single user. Alliances can also start wars which will take a total of 5 days to be completed. Alliance wars allow for much more elaborate strategies and gameplay.


TRYON is the token used to facilitate the economy of the game. Users will be able to swap TRYON for Tryon ore, used to craft top-tier items. Further, the token will allow users to access premium accounts, eliminate trading fees and purchase skins for their spaceships.

One of the chief missions of Stellar Invictus is to make cryptocurrency easy and accessible to all. As a result, the team has incorporated in-game mining rewards. Users will be able to mine Tryon ore in-game and swap it for TRYON instantly. Users who opt for a premium account, purchase skins, or craft new equipment will all receive more incentives. This is achieved through redistributing all spent TRYON back into the game’s mining pool.

Token Sale JetFuel IJO

The TRYON token sale will be held on Jetfuel’s Initial Jets Offering (IJO) launchpad. This launchpad is an innovative Initial Farm Offering (IFO) that helps facilitate a token sale as well as initial liquidity incentives. This is a win-win as Jets holders receive an additional 10% of their purchased TRYON upon initial release. Simultaneously users who provide TRYON liquidity will receive FUEL rewards. The following details outline the IJO, which launches at 5PM UTC on March 31st:

TRYON for Sale: 8,000,000

Max Bonus Tokens: 800,000

Sale Price: $0.125

Max Wallet Cap: $5,000

Raised in: BUSD

JETS bonus: 10%

First Come First Serve Style


The team at Stellar Invictus is still rapidly expanding. Currently, Tim Lange is the lead developer on the project. He has a long history of playing and developing games, with a focus on full-stack applications. He started programming when he was twelve and continues to work on his passion projects in the free time. Overall, Tim brings creativity and gaming to the crypto-currency sector uniquely and excitingly.

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