Starting Point AMAChella – The Launchpads of Binance Smart Chain

Five launchpads join the BSC News Telegram for a rousing and informative round of questions.

Top Launchpads Field Questions

The second AMAchella from BSC News has commenced and taken the BSC News Telegram by storm. The AMAchella, dubbed Starting Point, played host to the top launchpads on Binance Smart Chain and across Decentralized Finance (DeFi). 

The event looked to highlight some of the unsung heroes in the background of crypto and DeFi. Launchpads have become popular aids for projects looking for that extra push. Launchpads exist to help catapult different projects and protocols forward, and BSC News hopes the latest AMAchella accomplished the same for the project. 

“The role of a truly incubator is to help nascent projects – by providing all kinds of support and consultancy to help projects get through the survival stage…At BSCStation, we have a consistent process which aims to screen and evaluate a proposed project against effectiveness [sic] and potential to grow. All key items will be vetted and examined: Concept, Approach, Sustainability, Staffing, Risks and Communications and the most important thing is the team behind project, solid team and community always have higher priority,” Scofield, founder of BSCStation.

Each project took eight general questions plus a select number of protocol-specific questions from Andrew, the BSC News AMA-Master. The five participating projects were Gamestarter, SafeLaunch, LaunchZone, Oxbull, and BSC Station. The event took almost two hours and went live at 18:00 UTC on October 22nd.


Launchpads Power GameFi

A major theme running through the affair was the growing concept of Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). The interoperability and versatility of NFTs have increased beyond what many predicted, and there now exist innumerable new avenues of exploration to be discovered. 

GameFi is the spearhead of that metaverse growth and despite massive gainz in quarter three in 2021. All the launchpads in the AMAchella have worked with GameFi to some degree and are massively bullish moving forward about the industry.

“We’re heavily investing into GameFi which means we’re in the process of building out our own game development agency. We’ve already started to incubate our first game project which will be a huge MMORPG with a play to earn mechanism,” wrote Imran, CEO of SafeLaunch.

With the help of launchpads, new projects have the support and backing they need to progress along their roadmaps. The Age of Exploration into the Metaverse and GameFi may be upon us, and launchpads are going to help us get there.

For a full recap of the event, check out the Transcript here.

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