Starter to Launch its First DeFi Game, Starchi, Inspired by Tamagotchi

The play-to-earn game features nostalgic battle leagues that promote societal values.

Starter Launches Starchi 

Starter, which supports interoperability of Initial DEX Offering (IDO) launches across several major blockchains, has announced the launch of its game Starchi, a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) game inspired by the original Tamagotchi. The purposeful game aims to remind society of the lost values of humanity,  and that humans are not sole inhabitants of the planet. Starchi is a play-to-earn game, with a dual-token economy. It characterizes Starchi as a species of never-before-seen, sun thriving creatures that have long dwelled on Earth and are now facing an existential crisis unable to survive as humanity has lost its way, spreading darkness across the planet.

The Blockchain Setting

In the game, Starchis are first abhorred by humans as they wander in search of food, love and a new home. In time, they are befriended by children exuding sympathy, empathy and goodwill constructing a tight bond between the two while establishing Starchi as adoptable pets that need to be raised, fed and entertained. The game further delves into creating friendly battle leagues with the goal of re-establishing the light energy and positivity back onto earth.

The game provides Starchi collectors with earnings based on task completion of everyday responsibilities such as growing and nurturing the Starchi, taking part in battles, staking their income or raising Starchis to avoid their extinction.

“Starter’s first game, Starchi, was inspired by the tamagotchi-era associated nostalgia combined with the isolation many of us have felt during this world-wide pandemic,” said Lionel Iruk, special counsel at Starter. “Our hope is to bring back the light, not only in the DeFi game, but to also connect our users and community members by creating a lively and cheerful atmosphere that  re-introduces the lost hope and purpose to save the Starchi world and help us reconnect with one another.” 

$START Token Economy

Starchi will operate on a dual token economy, where the first token ‘$START’ will be used to grant access to the game and trade Starchi, and the second token, otherwise known as Starchi Liquid Luck, ‘$ELIXIR’ will provide in-game economic incentives. While in possession of the token, the Collector will be wealthier until the token runs out. The built-in play-to-earn model combined with a fair set of fee redistribution rules allows Starchi Collectors to compound their earnings while remaining active in the game.

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About Starter

Starter is a multi-chain community-driven launchpad, supporting interoperability of IDO launches on 7 blockchains (Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, Polygon, Fantom, and Avalanche). Starter provides projects access to funding opportunities without the hassle of bureaucratic hurdles, complex KYC requirements and a manual selection process. Starter consists of four separate branches: venture arm, decentralized launchpad, decentralized exchange, and token vesting and liquidity locking

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