StarMon Metaverse GameFi is Back After Restart

StarMon Reignites for Global Push

The StarMon GameFi has restarted on January 21 with a range of new updates and features. The new updates will be in testing mode until January 25 to make sure all the new developments are running smoothly. After a stalled launch in December, the moment is finally here.

All the update details were released in a Medium post from January 20 by Andrei, the Chief Designer of StarMon. The updates are a comprehensive overhaul to many aspects of the game including the EXP, energy systems, new levels, and even seven new adventure PVE modes. 

“There are too many updates involved, so we need a few days to conduct a full test. In order to give a good game experience to every trainers [sic], we have taken the decision to resume the game, but the P2E earning function is not open for the time being,” writes Andrei in the blog.


The new updates can hopefully run out smoothly. The StarMon team also indicated that they are building out a big global social community with guilds and streamers to help boost the game’s exposure. With the help of top GameFi incubator Yooshi, the future looks bright for StarMon. 

What is StarMon?

StarMon stands for Star Monster. It is a 3D PlayToEarn blockchain metaverse built on Binance Smart Chain. The StarMon metaverse is a virtual world called Andres, inhabited by Starmons, that are creatures with magical superpowers. Players can capture and breed a variety of Starmons, and earn crypto assets by participating in adventures, battles etc.

$SMON is the governance token of the StarMon metaverse. Players can earn $SMON when they participate in a game scene or contribute to the StarMon ecosystem.

Where to find StarMon:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram | Discord

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