Starknet Foundation Holds First Governance Vote on Mainnet Upgrade

Initial governance decisions will focus on whether to deploy Starknet protocol upgrades to mainnet.

Debut of Starknet Governance

Starknet is premiering its model of decentralized governance by holding a delegate vote on whether to deploy a network upgrade to mainnet.

The Starknet Foundation “is sharing some of its voting power to a broad group of independent delegates, to get everyone involved in Starknet governance during these early stages,” according to a tweet published on Wednesday.

The first phase of Starknet governance focuses on upgrades to the Ethereum Layer-2 zk-Rollup, according to the governance post. The upgraded versions will first be deployed to the Goerli testnet to be assessed for six days. The community will vote on whether to approve or reject the deployment of the upgraded versions to mainnet.

“The current timeline for the Starknet Alpha v0.11.0 vote is March 21st 2023, where a 6 day Snapshot vote will be opened simultaneously with the deployment of Starknet Alpha v0.11.0on Goerli. If the community votes in favor of the upgrade, Starknet mainnet will be upgraded to v0.11.0 following the end of the vote,” according to the post.

To encourage participation in governance, the Starknet Foundation is sharing 33% of its voting power with community delegates.

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