The new MEDA to MEDA Staking pool has been deployed and is now open for everyone to enter if they wish. The previous MEDA to MEDA pool turned out to be less interesting for users due to the total amount of MEDA that were distributed as well as total staking time. That’s why we reevaluated our staking mechanism and have now created a complete new MEDA staking pool that is 10X more interesting and at all times provides a larger staking reward then the deposit fee.

Keep in mind that the total time of the staking pool is 30 days. You will earn more when you enter on day 1 and stay around till the last day and depending on the participation of total amount of stakers you may lose money if you enter shortly before the pool finishes with to many stakers that are already in the pool. Staking pools are always more interesting for those that get in early.

We have whitelisted all 100 wallets from the previous MEDA to MEDA staking pool to be excluded from deposit fees. This means that you are now able to deposit for free in this pool (Keep in mind that we will maintain this list and update it daily).

Staking Pool Runtime: 30 days
Staking Pool Reward Size: 32,000,000 MEDA
Total Stake Size Allowed: 300,000,000 MEDA
Deposit fee for those that are not whitelisted: 7,5%
(There is no way to get this back).

For further questions or concerns ask the team of @safeswap_online or sent a message to @jaimydevries directly for more information. You can always email us at [email protected] for further information.

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