StableGrow – High Reflections for Holders

The project seeks to offer large incentives to make it stand out from the competition.

Introducing StableGrow

StableGrow is a new deflationary-reflection token on the BNB Chain (or BSC) network. Users can simply hold $SGC tokens in their wallet and earn passive income in $BUSD. The project is a high-reflection token; 12% of every Buy/Transfer/Sell transaction is redistributed automatically to $SGC eligible holders.

Many Decentralized Finance (DeFi) enthusiasts already know what a reflection token is and how it works thanks to the BSC market. Some reflection projects were launched successfully and showed great success, some not. StableGrow seeks to fall into the former category.


What Makes StableGrow Stand Out

From a technical point of view, the project is not unique. All Reflection projects have the same contract code that distributes the rewards in $BUSD to token holders. It’s not a secret. Some projects add additional functions in their contract code. Burning, BuyBack, Liquidity Pool, various fees, and so on. All this in different proportions and with different percentages.

How all projects differ from each other is by the team behind these projects, their desire to develop the project in the long term, and their actions and intentions. This is the most important condition that determines whether the project will be successful or not. After that comes marketing, which also plays a very important role. These two things are inseparable – the involvement of the team in the project and the desire to develop and maintain it, plus constant and uniform marketing. Successful teams will focus on these two points as they are key.

High Reflections

The most important function of StableGrow is $BUSD Reflection. The project claims to offer one of the highest reflection percentages among all reflection projects – 12%. Even a small holding of $SGC tokens in the wallet can provide solid passive income with proper daily trading volume.

In order to protect the value of $SGC, StableGrow has also integrated anti-whale measures into their smart contracts.

How StableGrow Works

1. From each Buy/Transfer/Sell, the user is charged a tax of 12% in the form of $SGC tokens. After purchases/sales the wallet receives slightly fewer tokens than shown on PancakeSwap.

2. These tokens that were taken from the tax are sent to the contract.

3. When enough fuel is accumulated to pay for gas, the contract automatically sells these tokens and receives BNB. That is why from time to time you can see sales from one wallet. This sale carries out the contract for further distribution.

4. After receiving BNB, the contract instantly exchanges them for $BUSD using the PancakeSwap router.

5. The received BUSD is distributed among all SGC holders in a proportional ratio. The more $SGC tokens you hold, the more reward you get!

Pre-Sale Info 

The fair Pre-sale on PinkSale will be on Saturday, April 9th at 5:00 PM UTC. Users will be able to participate in the pre-sale on PinkSale.

There is no whitelisting required. Everybody will have an equal chance to buy $SGC on PinkSale at release time. First come, first serve. Once the hard cap is reached, there will be no further available investment at the presale rate. The only way to buy $SGC will be on PancakeSwap upon public market release via the $SGC/BNB pair.

PancakeSwap Listing 

After initial presale funding has completed the team will go to market by creating the $SGC/BNB liquidity pair within 1 hour. Prelaunch funds will be used to create the PancakeSwap $SGC/BNB liquidity pair. This liquidity will be locked for 1 year via trusted PinkLock.

Security Measures

The project is already audited and the security and KYC details are available online. The InterFi audit and KYC details at PinkSale are complete with a CertiK audit and BscScan submission coming in the near future.

StableGrow Ecosystem Roadmap

StableGrow has announced a series of new features to come in 2022 in their whitepaper. Along with the CertiK audit, StableGrow has revealed plans for the following features:

StableGrow dApp/Swap – StableGrow plans to build a dashboard dApp that will serve as a token swap, as well as showing investors their rewards in real time.

Staking Pools – StableGrow also plans to offer staking pools via smart contracts that transfer liquidity to partner tokens, thus increasing their value.

NFT Marketplace – StableGrow users will be able to use their NFTs as collateral for borrowing, giving the NFTs extra utility.

StableWallet – The StableWallet will serve as a hub for the SGC token, offering multiple-option tokenomic rewards for holders.

Concluding Thoughts

While StableGrow is not the first reflection token, the team proposes they could be among the top such projects on BNB Chain. With an impressive 12% reflection in $BUSD, investors can earn substantial passive income.

StableGrow’s extensive future plans also benefit their standing. If the project is able to execute its goals, StableGrow could be a premier ecosystem on BNB Chain.

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