Squid Season? Kalmar Teases Kalmy NFTs to Kick-Start Fundraising Program

The 3D squid NFTs are just the start of Kalmar’s NFT plans on BNB Chain.

Bringing Value to NFT Projects

Kalmar, a decentralized finance(DeFi) platform on BNB Chain, is preparing to release its 3D squid NFT collection by actively teasing some of its art.

The DeFi platform is currently dropping spoilers of its upcoming NFT collection every 1-2 days while asking the community to vote among various NFT designs. The winning design will be incorporated into the final collection. 

The NFTs will have a staking utility where you can stake the NFTs in the Kalmar platform to get $KALM tokens. The collection will be a part of the Kalmar NFT fundraising program that aims to accelerate BNB Chain NFTs and provide them extra value with NFT staking.

“We want to create a home for other NFTs, and Kalmy is just our team’s vision of how and where this should start,” Mark Viíls, core team member at Kalmar, told BSC News.

Kalmar’s NFT fundraising program allows companies/projects/influencers to raise funds by selling NFTs and provides benefits and rewards to all parties involved. 

“The users that are funding that particular event will effectively receive random NFTs at the end of the sale,” the Kalmar team said in a previous blog.


Only NFT collections that win weekly votes within the Kalmar community can be staked through Kalmar’s platform, up to three collections per week. Currently, the team is working with influencers like Kushed_Crypto and preparing collabs with NFT artists like Cecymeade. More details on the upcoming NFT collection are yet to be released.

What is Kalmar: 

Kalmar is a decentralized platform on Binance Smart Chain focusing on low transaction costs, high transaction speeds, and a simplistic and straightforward user experience. The Kalmar team intends to extend its services to the Binance Smart Chain by focusing on the best-working features and innovating the most successful financial instruments on Ethereum.

Learn more about Kalmar: 

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Source : bsc.news

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