Sports 2K75: A Web3-based Sport-Fi Metaverse

Sports 2K75 is a Web3-based Sport-Fi Metaverse, combined with NFTs, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and a betting platform.

What is Sports 2K75?

Sports 2K75 is a Web3-based Sport-Fi Metaverse, combined with NFTs, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and a betting platform. The project unleashes the Next Generation of Sports via its bet-to-earn gaming platform where users can stake sports matches like NBA, Soccer, and Esports.

Unlike the traditional platforms that suck up all the money in return for a next to zero interest and control all users’ assets, Sports 2K75 makes each contract public, ensuring greater transparency and safety. The platform uses cryptocurrency for gaming making it more fairer and decentralized than any other system.


Safe and fair

The Sports 2K75 gaming platform is decentralized, fairer, and safer than any traditional platform; all contracts are open to the public, ensuring game transparency. Moreover, a user’s property will be safer than on a regular platform because the network uses cryptocurrency for staking.

More variety to play

NBA, Soccer, Football, Baseball, and eSports are the five sports that can be staked in Sports 2K75. Additionally, the platform provides two modes of play: Stake to Earn with stable odds and PVP mode with real-time odds.

CertiK Audit

The most authoritative auditor CertiK provides the audit report for Sports 2K75.


Sports 2K75 has five categories of sports and two different modes for the users to bet. One can earn $S2K tokens by betting with the “Bet To Earn” mode. The odds will be stable and the payouts are done by Smart Contract.

Stake to earn Mode

In this mode, the player uses $S2K to play, with stable odds.

PVP Mode

The platform also offers a PVP mode where players are allowed to bet against each other using USDT. The odds automatically change in real-time depending on the current pool. Moreover, the payouts will be based on the final odds before the start of the match.

Major Highlights

The decentralized and secure betting platform has the following highlights that everyone should look into:

Customize your own NFT

With Sports 2K75, a user can build their own NFT with unique attributes/ traits. They can use their designed NFTs to participate in its Metaverse NBA Game.

Get The IDO Whitelist Spots Now

A user can get a pre-sale whitelist by simply participating in the betting platform’s Internal Test and leaving their wallet address to receive test tokens.

Invite Bonus

Users earn exciting rewards by inviting. Every user gets an exclusive invitation link in the decentralized apps which they can share with their friends and family. If someone participates in betting via their link, they will get an inviting bonus.

$S2K Token

$S2K is the native utility token of Sports 2K75. Built using multiple deflationary mechanisms, it supports the healthy product economy and helps in ecosystem growth. Through the gaming system, the project burns $S2K in the following two ways:

When a player loses $S2K to the platform in Stake to Earn mode, the platform will automatically burn 10% of the money.

When a player wins a game in PVP mode, 5% of their profit is removed from their reward, and all of the USDT is used to buy $S2K and burn.

Moreover, the Sports 2K75 also burns tokens as follows:

2KLucky Burning

20% of each lucky prize pool will be used to burn $S2K.

NFT Burning

Half of our NFT sales will be used to burn $S2K.

$S2K Tokenomics

Buy fees: 0% marketing/1% LP

Sell fees: 5% marketing/1% LP

Notably, the tax will be reduced to 0 gradually for 8 weeks (1% down per 2 weeks). Here is the basic $S2K information:

$S2K Token Distribution



With a unique Bet-To-earn model, Sports 2K75 aims to give you a never-before experience in the world of crypto and gaming. Make sure to reach out to the following social media handles for further insight.




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