Sportemon Go Confirmed as Official Sponsor for Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley Fight

The platform will be sponsoring one of the world’s biggest PPV events in 2021 on Showtime on August 29th.

Fight Night!

On August 27, 2021, Sportemon Go (SGO) announced they would be an official sponsor for the Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley fight on Showtime! PPV on August 29th..

Alongside BarStool Sports, SGO is one of the premium sponsors of this massive ShowtimePPV event, with SGO Branded Logos on the Ring Canvas, Ring Girls during weigh in and opening and closing Billboards during the live fight event telecast on Showtime PPV.

Sportemon Go is already revolutionizing tokenized Sports, digital cards, memorabilia and sports collectible industry globally by partnering with Pickstar and their stable of global Superstars and Legends, to produce next-gen Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Fan Tokens, an NFT Social Marketplace, along with AR/VR and iGaming experiences.

SGO has inked more than 20 global Superstars and Legend NFT deals in a short number of weeks. These deals include the following sports teams, associations and players: the English Premier League; Olympic Gold Medallists; legends across Tour De France; Cricket; Rugby AFL; NRL; MMA; a Boxing World Champion; an MMA World Champion; a top 10 NBA draft pick; an NFL franchise; and a pro basketball team sponsorship. 

The platform is now adding one of the biggest PPV event sponsorships for 2021with their sponsorship of the upcoming fight.

Building a Superfan Product

Sportemon Go’s (SGO) success is largely due to the superfan product they are building, turning real heros into superheros, with the utility of their token and the ongoing announcements of new sponsorships, sporting talent with high demand NFTs incoming (nearly every day) to their 29,000+ token holders. The platform will be holding pre-sales starting before the end of the month.

Since announcing the use of Pickstar earlier this month – a global talent marketplace for connecting high profile stars with global A-tier brands and fans – Sportemon Go’s crypto currency token ‘SGO’ has skyrocketed past a $US57M fully diluted market cap as of time of writing.

“We are thrilled to sponsor such a major sporting event with massive social media and sports stars that is the exact mass target audience for Sportemon Go. This sponsorship and the other sponsor and athlete deals has established SGO as one of the global NFT heavyweights. This US based global audience reach deal takes our SGO brand to the 99% masses, as we start our journey and pathway to acquire the “sports fan” not just crypto investors. NFT’s, Fan Tokens and iGaming are revolutionising the sports digital landscape across the globe, with tokenized trading cards, merchandise, memorabilia and collectibles industry and we are leading that charge in Sports,” said SGO Co-FounderCorey Jackson.

Sportemon Go’s CEO and former AFL Player,Ricky Jackson, said SGO’s NFTs are unique and game changing. 

“We have acquired an AR and CGI Studio, additional IP with patent pending product, and developed these creative studios, to have diversity in design, IP and application diversity to transform the NFT and business opportunity for Tokenized Sports globally. SGO Sporte NFTs are ground breaking, innovative and game changing, there is nothing out there remotely close to our product offering and we look forward to giving investors, collectors and superfan communities the ability to get their hands on our first releases over the coming weeks and months,” the CEO espoused. “There has been a high level of interest with strong engagement from the current stable of Team Partners, Superstars and Legends to get involved with Sportemon Go. Wanting to commercialize and mint their personalised moments, memories and memorabilia as NFTs. The growing interest from third-party partner brands and buyers absolutely reinforces that this next generation of sports-related assets is highly sought after, valued by collectors and here to stay. And it’s a thrilling opportunity to be part of shaping it and driving mass adoption of a dynamic, fast moving digital revolution,” added Jackson. 

Recently NFL Quarterback Patrick Mahomes sold out of his NFT collection called Museum of Mahomes in less than 30 mins for $3.7M. Two weeks ago, legendary NFL Quarterback Tom Brady dropped his inaugural NFT series and sold out instantly. Now SGO is about to pre-sell its first series. Interested buyers should be quick to register at Sportemon Go for the latest news, as there is strong buyer demand sitting on the sidelines waiting for the SGO release.

“It’s big money for athletes and investors,” Jackson said. “You need to look no further than at Brady’s Ruby Signed Edition which was listed at US $1,500 and is now up for sale 11 days later for $97,000 on Draft Kings’ marketplace. It’s a whole new way to own a piece of Superstars and Legends moments, memories and experiences as NFT memorabilia and that’s exciting.” 

Jake Paul Takes to the Ring Again

Boxing’s newest superstar, renowned content creator Jake Paul, looks to continue his meteoric ascent by facing the most dangerous challenge of his young career, former UFC Champion and striking specialist Tyron Woodley. The hard-hitting veteran Woodley aims to stop the newcomer’s path to glory in its tracks. The undefeated Paul scored consecutive viral KOs over former NBA star Nate Robinson and former UFC fighter Ben Askren. Will lightning strike a third time on Showtime?

About Sportemon Go

Sportemon Gois the brainchild company of father-son duo Ricky and Corey Jackson. Founded in 2018 and officially launching its crypto token (SGO) in June 2021, it has one eye set on digitizing sports through Fan Tokens and sporting memorabilia, moments and merchandise through designing and developing NFT collectibles and the other on redefining the entire sports fan experience through a fan engagement app.

With illustrious backgrounds in sports marketing and sporting software, the two Jacksons’ envisaged the creation of a platform to stand as a world premier in NFT augmented reality sports trading.

With a purpose to revolutionize both the gaming and NFT collectible industries, Sportemon Go will enable its users to hunt and collect NFTs of their favorite sporting heroes in both the real world and in real time. Creating a harmonious synergy between the physical world and the metaverse, participants will be able to interact at stadiums and sporting events like never before.

Sportemon Go is funded solely through its own cryptocurrency SGO, a BEP20 token leveraging a smart contract on ChainLink’s  blockchain network. This native cryptocurrency will power the entire economy within Sportlemon-Go’s Platform allowing users to purchase NFT collectibles, form their ultimate team, participate in mini games, earn exclusive rewards, and much more.

Go to the Sportemon Go website for more information and to register for their upcoming NFT releases.

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