Splinterlands Season End Rewards Approach in Play to Earn NFT Game

The play-to-earn NFT game has optimized its gaming processes and rewards system to provide a more smooth experience for users.

Splinterland Implements New Strategy 

Play-to-Earn Non-fungible Token (NFT) game, Splinterlands has reviewed and optimized its season-end computations to handle the recent disruptions seen in its in-game processes caused by the increase in the number of active players. 

The blockchain-based collectible card game recorded over 300,000 active players throughout a couple of months, causing the NFT gaming protocol to implement a new rewards approach and general strategy. According to Splintertalk’s report on 14th September, the new system will be implemented next season. The next season-end was scheduled for 15th September at 14:00 UTC. 

“One such thing that will be implemented for the next season end, which is scheduled for Wednesday, September 15th, at 10 AM ET / 14:00 UTC, is that ranked battles will not be able to be started within 5 minutes of the season end,” Splintertalk published. “The ranked season timer on the Splinterlands website will also be updated to end 5 minutes before the season end processing takes place so that it will hopefully be clear to players when ranked battles will no longer be able to be submitted for the current season.” 

On rewards, season-end rewards will no longer be calculated based on the highest league achieved during the current season. It will now be calculated based on users’ leagues when the season ends, regardless of what higher leagues a user may have achieved during the season. The change, which has already been implemented as of this writing, is to reduce the cool down time for transferred cards to 24 hours from the previous seven days.


Splinterlands hopes that these changes will help the season-end processing work more smoothly than previous seasons. Read the full write-up on Splintertalk to read all the new changes. 

An Insight on Splinterlands  

Splinterlands is one of the numerous innovative additions to the play-to-earn games in the NFT ecosystem. The project was formerly called Steem Monsters and operates on the Hive blockchain. Splinterlands provides a platform for card lovers to play, trade, and earn rewards on their mobile phones or desktop. 

The game offers more than 283 cards. Users can combine these cards to increase their character’s abilities and become more equipped or more potent. The NFT GameFi protocol provides various in-game activities for players to participate and earn daily rewards such as quests, ranked play, tournaments, etc. 

One unique feature about Splinterlands is its cross-compatibility with other blockchains, as seen in CoinMarketCap’s review on 25th August. 

“Unlike most NFT games on the market, Splinterlands offers the feature of cross-compatibility with other blockchains, including Tron, Ethereum, and WAX. Another unique point of Splinterlands is that the game has its blockchain, which provides in-game stability and frequent upgrades to the card trading game,” the post read. 

Splinterlands has awarded over $625K in prizes to gamers, and offers some features such as card-to-crypto conversion, decentralized trading, selling to multiple platforms, amongst many others. Splinterlands terms itself as the next generation of collectible card games. 

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