Spherium Finance Offers Dual IDO on BSCPad and PentaLaunch

The most notable feature from the offerings is the uniquely insured option, a first for such releases.

Preparing to IDO

Following a wildly successful Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) in late May, Spherium Finance has announced a dual Initial Deck Offering (IDO) for the launch of their $SPHRI token. The IDO will drop on both BSCPad and PentaLaunch, with the PentaLaunch IDO the first to be insured in the entire world of crypto. 

The Spherium team confirmed on Twitter that the double launch will come on June 16th.The launch should see considerable attention after their IEO raised 1,500x the expected funds. It is impossible not to be impressed with the over $37 Million USDT they raised. 


Now Spherium will go public. Each IDO launch will have a slightly different roadmap as well as its own eligibility rules as well. The sale price on both platforms is expected to be ~0.195 BUSD. 

All the eligible participants from Spherium’s previous DAOMaker IDO and the aforementioned IEO with Gate.io will be eligible to claim their tokens at the same time as all others: 12:00 UTC.

BSCPad Launch

Details for eligibility to the BSCPad IDO have been published by Dora Factory. There will be a total of 641,025 $SPHRI token available on this platform. 

Users can apply for eligibility to stake $BSCTokens until 03:00 AM UTC on launch day. Remember to stake enough to reach your desired eligibility tier or you will not be eligible. All users must also complete a one-time Know Your Customer (KYC). These two steps are required for minimum eligibility.

Users can make themselves eligible for additional tokens by completing more tasks on social media. First, users need to follow #SPHERIUM on both Twitter and Telegram plus #BSCPAD on Twitter. Then send an original tweet using the hashtags #BSCPAD and #SPHRI from your Twitter account. The original tweet cannot be a ‘reply’. Those who complete the extra social media steps will be eligible for Bronze (1000-2499 tokens) and Silver (2500-4999 tokens). 

BSCPad will allow for an initial allocation round beginning at 06:00 UTC. Five hours later at 11:00 will begin the first-come-first-served part of the auction. Finally, at 12:00 UTC the tokens will be open for claim on PancakeSwap


Auction on PentaLaunch

DoraFactory published a detailed guide about how to participate in the PentaLaunch release. The token release will be conducted as a linear curve auction. PentaLaunch will have a total supply of 128,205 $SPHRI available for distribution. 

The auction on PentaLaunch will begin at 04:00 UTC and will close six hours laters at 10:00 UTC. Just like on BSCPad, the tokens can be claimed at 12:00 UTC on PancakeSwap. It is important to note that users can only claim $SPHRI by exchanging USDC.

The Spherium Team acknowledged the IDO with PentaLaunchwill be the first to be insured. Fail-proof insurance will be provided with the help of InsurACE. InsurAce currently specializes in mitigating IDO event risk, smart contract hacks, protocol bugs, and centralized exchange risk. Spherium is proud to be working with InsurAce to safeguard its investor’s funds.

About Spherium Finance

SpheriumFinance is a primarily mobile wallet that interacts with multiple blockchains and decentralized finance projects. They are a global financial service provider that extends fundamental financial services to the unbanked. The $SPHRI total supply is fixed and will never go higher than 100,000,000. Spherium’s complete Tokenomics can be found here.

Source : bsc.news

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