SpacePi Aims To Make The Pi Network Ecological Application Value Wider And Greater

SpacePi was officially launched on March 14 and was one of the most searched tokens in the crypto space with more than 600K holders.

The Rise of SpacePi

A decade ago, with the world mired in a financial crisis, pessimism spilled over to The Times. Satoshi Nakamoto meaningfully wrote this sentence into the first “block”, perhaps unaware that a door to the unknown world was opened.

It all goes back to the 1991 paper “How to time-stamp a digital document” by Stuart Haber and Scott Stornetta in the journal “Cryptographic Research”. They just wanted to permanently preserve the creation time and modification time of digital files, but they unexpectedly became the source of inspiration for Satoshi Nakamoto.

Nowadays the blockchain at this time is no longer a geek’s game, and the entire amount of data carried by the blockchain is just the volume of a CD. But history continues in waves, and the volume of data is slowly climbing. There have been brief outbreaks and long silences during this period, but the blockchain will not stay in that niche circle, with scattered digital currencies, little exchanges, and rustling mining machines, has constituted a small part of this circle, and more of it is a game between countries and countries, and capital on capital.

Because of its unforgeable, untamperable, and traceable data structure and technical characteristics, blockchain has gradually emerged from the shadow of digital cryptocurrency and has its own name. The excellent projects include BTC, ETH, BNB and the yet-to-be-launched Pi Network!

Pi Network is a new cryptocurrency developed by a team at Stanford University’s Blockchain Research Center. Since its launch on March 14, 2019, it has more than 33 million active members in more than 230 countries and regions around the world, and the number of user downloads has reached about 600 million! People lie, but data doesn’t. 

The SpacePi Pioneer Community is one of the largest Pi Network communities in the world. The SpacePi Pioneer community covers more than 70 countries and regions and has nearly 1.5 million Pi Network members. The SpacePi Pioneer Community is a diverse team composed of the following people: social media administrators , web designers, graphic designers, artists, developers, product developers, finance people, IT security teams, investors, influencers and software engineers.

As a pioneer, SpacePi promotes the belief and consensus, future and value of Pi Network to the outside world. The pioneers of SpacePi decided to deploy contracts in the BSC ecological chain and create a spiritual home for Pi Network in the BSC ecological chain. The purpose is to give more spiritual sustenance to the majority of Pi Network members!

On March 14, 2022, SpacePi officially deployed the contract in BSC, and the liquidity pool was directly locked all year round. SpacePi ranked first in the global blockchain hot search list. On March 20, the transaction volume exceeded 100 million US dollars, and the SpacePi Token holding address broke over 600,000, with multiple exchanges officially listed in SpacePi!

CoinMarketCap and Coingecko, as the two top and most comprehensive blockchain encryption data statistics platforms in the world, officially listed SpacePi on March 24 and 25, 2022 respectively!

If SpacePi succeeds in the BSC ecological chain, the global Pi Network will instantly understand that all your waiting is worth it. SpacePi plans to convince those who actively disparage the Pi Network to be convinced by its potential: Just because SpacePi is part of the Pi Network!

At present, SpacePi is a successful project, and its development path is similar to that of SHIBA, both growing and developing through community culture. Comparing the two, SpacePi is more like a “SHIBA” in the era of Ethereum/DeFi. It not only maximizes the blockchain spirit of fair launch, strong community-driven consensus, and celebrity marketing, but also explores cooperation with DeFi, The combination of hot fields such as NFT and Meta.

The goal of SpacePi is to build an ecology in the BSC ecological chain. Its ecological development path is very clear. In the early days, it attracted the attention of a large number of users through SpacePi’s marketing, that is to build a strong community and consensus, and then wait for the Pi Network mainnet to go online. The SpacePi pioneer community will open a cross-chain mode — cross-chain members of the BSC ecological chain Pi Network to the Pi Network ecological chain. The SpacePi pioneer community firmly believes that our real battle is the real battle that begins after the Pi Network mainnet is launched.

The huge issuance of SpacePi is not only a joke, but also a key point to attract users to hold SpacePi. Ordinary users can easily buy SpacePi in units of 100 million to make up for the sense of loss of stepping on SHIBA, and new users who hurriedly enter the market under the crypto boom are psychologically more willing to buy cheap tokens. The aggregation of small funds makes it have a large number of  holding addresses (and a large number of SpacePi holders who have not withdrawn it to their wallets due to handling fees are not counted), and at the same time, they have also driven up the price, which has led to insiders in the circle and  FOMO (A single spark can start a prairie fire).

The SpacePi pioneer community believes that the value of Pi Network is given by people and practicality all over the world! The ideal of the SpacePi pioneer community is to carry the banner of Pi Network, let all capitalists in the world know that Pi Network is coming, and make Pi Network famous in the world!

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