Space Crypto GameFi Launches Mainnet on BNB Chain

The protocol recorded massive entries of users moments after launching on the leading blockchain.

BNB Chain Welcomes Space Crypto GameFi

The evolution of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to BNB Chain has started already, with the network attracting many of the best projects in the space. On this note, Space Crypto GameFi has deployed its mainnet on BNB Chain. 

The PlayToEarn (P2E) Battle game which features a Non-fungible Token (NFT) marketplace, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), among others, recently announced its mainnet launch on BNB Chain via Twitter. 

“Mainnet is available now. Don’t let you wait any longer, Space Crypto Game is open to play now,” the GameFi protocol tweeted on February 15th. 


Users interested in the game can now visit the protocol’s website and earn tokens through skilled, strategic gameplay. The game is free to play, and players act as space guardians and compete in missions to fight against evil bosses to protect the Space metaverse.  

Space Crypto Records Huge GameFi Numbers 

Moments after its mainnet launch on BNB Chain, Space Crypto recorded a large influx of players. As such, the protocol went under maintenance, with the game’s server struggling to keep up with many players. In essence, the gameplay became slow and delayed. 

The GameFi platform released a Twitter statement on February 15th about the maintenance, adding that the development team would rectify the issue. 

“Over 34K people joining and our Server is overloaded for a moment. It’s normal to see it slow and delay in the game. Our Dev team are fixing and upgrades the server. So please waiting us and keep patient – We will be back normal soon with many servers,” the statement read. 

Huge GameFi numbers recorded after mainnet launch | Source

The following day, on February 16th, the protocol’s development team completed its server maintenance. The protocol also announced that its reward token, $SPE is now listed on CoinMarketCap. Players would use the reward token to perform in-game activities like spaceship upgrades and maintenance in the future. 

What is Space Crypto? 

Space Crypto allows players to become space guardians in a metaverse where they right the wrongdoings of evil bosses. The team is currently looking at a browser-based game on release, but will expand to mobile versions of Space Crypto down the road.

There are quite a number of game modes present in this metaverse. Boss Battles is the start of the Space Crypto journey as players will take their spaceships and battle against different bosses. The bosses come in countless waves and become stronger after each wave. Failing to beat the boss will restart the game from the beginning. Rade mode is what they consider as the quick mode. Players will need $SPE to fuel their spaceships and battle it out to win and earn more $SPE. The team also envisions PvP tournaments with monetary prizes. Space commanders gather and battle against each other where the best and last commander standing takes home the prize.

Where to find Space Crypto:

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