SorareData Launches Data App to Boost Mobile Fantasy Playing

SorareData gives players much-needed access to real-time data to optimize their performance in blockchain gaming.

New Data App Brings Sorare Users Closer

SorareData, the tool needed for every Sorare play to be successful, has launched a mobile app. The app will be integrated into the current Sorare season and provide live actions to all the matches. 

The app launched on iOS and Android was released on November 19th. It was promoted by an official Twitter and Medium post by the SorareData accounts, plus a boost from the official Sorare Twitter. All of the features of the new app were outlined in the Medium blog and a tutorial Youtube video.

“Sorare managers can now follow their lineups like never before, with real-time stats and notifications available for every match in every gameweek,” read the Medium post.

Sorare players can track all the data they need to help keep an edge. SorareData’a new app will have four main features—Games, Lineups, Rankings, and Players—to help players stay on top of all gameweek fixtures. The new data can also help the rankings become a more competitive landscape. 

As Sorare entrenches itself as the premier fantasy football blockchain game, users will benefit highly from the data capabilities of the new app. The features and utility of SorareData can certainly get better, like adding full integration to change and adjust lineups. It is hard not to see how this protocol can comfortably complement the real game.  


What is SorareData

Founded in 2020, SorareData is the go-to platform for Sorare players. It provides player stats, market data, decision-making tools, side games, and much more to enhance the experience of every Sorare manager. SorareData is helping play-to-earn games players access all tools & data they need to improve their gaming experience.

Where to find more about SorareData:

Website | Twitter | Medium |

What is Sorare

Sorare is a fantasy NFT football game, where users buy, sell, trade, and manage a virtual team with digital player cards. The game uses blockchain technology from Ethereum and was developed in 2018 by Nicolas Julia and Adrien Monfort. The Sorare fantasy NFT game has been making great inroads into the footballing world with 180 officially licensed clubs now participating in the fantasy football game, including such luminaries as Bayern Munich, Juventus, Liverpool, Paris Saint-Germain, and Real Madrid.

Sorare has made it known that it hopes to onboard the top 50 football associations in the world. The company already has 100,000 active users a month across 140 countries. 

Where to find Sorare:

Website – Twitter – Medium – Discord

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