Sorare to Mint German Football Association NFTs, the Second National Team Partnership

Germany Football joins France by signing up to the Sorare NFT product for a team collection.

Pick a Card, Any Card

German football fans will now have the opportunity to own player Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), or digital football cards, thanks to a partnership with Sorare. In total 18 players from the German national team will be made available thanks to the collaboration. The news was reported by Explica on June 23rd. It is hoped that the pairing will help to elevate fan engagement during the tournament.

Sorare already has many of the top clubs and players on its books

The cards will vary in value corresponding to player performance during the EuroCup, according to Explica. The cards will be usable in Sorare’s fantasy football game.

What is Sorare?

The Sorare concept has been making great inroads into the footballing world with 140 officially licensed clubs now participating in the fantasy football game, including such luminaries as Bayern Munich, Juventus, Liverpool, Paris Saint-Germain, and Real Madrid. With the addition of both France and German national teams there has been rumours that Sorare could be preparing to create a Euro 2020 version of the game. As yet, these theories remain simple conjecture, with Sorare yet to confirm any international version of the game.

While Sorare has yet to confirm an international version of its game, it has made known that it hopes to onboard the top 50 football associations in the world. The company already has 100,000 active users a month across 140 countries, but sees Germany as a major market going forwards.

Sports NFTs

The German national team now joins the growing list of sports teams and franchises which have joined an NFT project. Digital soccer cards have become a truly global phenomenon, and while Sorare are still playing their cards close to their chest, with the addition of the German national team their hand has strengthened considerably.

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