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SolanaDaily – Admin: Hello and welcome, @Jason_SolStreet How are you today? 

@Jason_SolStreet: I’m great, thanks for asking. Ready when you are 

SolanaDaily – Admin: Let’s go then!

Q1: Can you give us a short introduction to what SolStreet is?

@Jason_SolStreet: The team at SolStreet has significant experience in traditional finance, and we’ve been frustrated by the incredibly slow rate of modernization in the sector, as well as the added cost burdens (for both investors and fund managers) introduced by heavy – but arguably necessary – regulatory requirements. On top of this, incentives for fund managers in the traditional space mean that fund managers aren’t actually aiming to generate the greatest returns, they’re just looking to maximise their own fee income. All of this leads to a bad deal for investors, and also makes it very difficult for new, talented fund managers to get a start and grow their AUM.

SolStreet is a marketplace for funds that allows anybody to launch a decentralized investment fund to market at near-zero cost. The protocol caters fairly to the interests of both investors and fund managers, and all activity is verifiably on-chain. Trading makes use of the deep liquidity of the Serum DEX, and the high-performance offered by the Solana blockchain means the project can cater to fund managers operating strategies not possible on chains like Ethereum, such as HFT strategies.

Q2: Can you share with us a little bit about the team behind this project? How confident are you in this fast-paced competitive crypto industry?

@Jason_SolStreet: SolStreet is being built from the ground up by a talented team led by 0xab – the recent winners of the Solana Season Hackathon’s Orca prize with their innovative arbitrage bot, Orca Arb.

The team has received strategic seed investment and incubation from Invictus Capital ( Invictus – with around $150 million in AUM and a community of over 20,000 investors – is a pioneer in cryptocurrency and blockchain-based asset management and has helped incubate the project with assistance from their internal teams.

Invictus’ vision and mission align perfectly with SolStreet and the company will be amongst the first users of the platform. The team’s expertise goes beyond just operating investment funds, and extends into making successful seed investments into groundbreaking disruptors in finance and tech, including Quantfury and Syntropy.

The synergistic relationship of proven and robust Solana developers partnered with asset management expertise is an exciting prospect for SolStreet, and makes for a good marriage between concept and infrastructure.

Q3: Now, let’s talk a little bit about the competitors. Since there are some similar products that are in the same area as you guys. So what differentiates SolStreet from SolRise?

@Jason_SolStreet: Good question, and one that we are quite confident on. I think our key differentiator is that we have a wealth of experience in the team in both the traditional and crypto fund management spaces, something that the SolRise founders lack. Over and above this, we believe our tokenomic model is superior, and will be able to generate organic growth for the platform long into the future, whilst still rewarding early investors heavily. Other projects may prove to be short-lived. As an indication of our confidence, team and pre-sale tokens are subject to quite long vesting schedules (around 3 to 4 years).

Other competitors on other chains will suffer from fragmented liquidity, without the power of the Serum DEX, as well as poor blockchain performance, where Solana is the clear winner in the high-performance blockchain space.

SolanaDaily – Admin: That’s a fine response. And that’s what I think your project is gonna be big then 

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