Solscan Bullish on Solana NFTs in 2022 Year-End Report

Solscan celebrates the accomplishments of Solana NFTs during 2022 and concludes that, despite the bear, the sector is positioned for future success.

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The team behind blockchain explorer Solscan has published an annual review on the performance of Solana Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in 2022

The report covers the explosion of Solana NFTs during the year, the difficulties experienced due to the bear market and FTX implosion, and the position of Solana NFTs going into 2023.

“Despite all the negativity that tried to bring down the Solana community’s spirit, we can always find a way to navigate through this bear market. The JPEG scene on Solana may encounter some obstacles at the moment, but it always finds a better reason to thrive later on,” according to the report.


The report recognizes the dominant presence of Magic Eden NFT marketplace on the chain but also the traction made by the up-and-coming Hadeswap platform.

Topping the list of Solana NFT collections in terms of volume were y00ts and DeGods, two related projects that generated shockwaves throughout the Solana community when it was announced they would be leaving the chain for Ethereum and Polygon.

The Solscan report makes a veiled reference to the departure of those prominent projects, in the form of a “struck-out” sentence reading:

In the long run, it will be advantageous for both them and the chain if some of these collections stick with the network that has heavily promoted them to achieve their current level of success.

Read the Solscan review for much more information on the Solana NFT ecosystem.

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