SolRazr raises $1.5M for Solana’s First DDE

Solana’s Decentralized Developer Ecosystem (DDE) will fuel its Launchpad, Accelerator, & Dev Tools.

Solana Decentralized Developer Ecosystem (DDE)

“Raise Capital. Build Fast.” Solana Blockchain steals the spotlight, yet again. While a day ago we reported the earlier SOL soaring of over 450% in August (2021), eclipsing BTC, ETH, and DOGE’s abrupt fall all at once. This time, Solana-based SolRazr venture platform announced a $1.5 million funding to develop Solana’s DDE. SolRazr recently closed a funding round facilitated by Moonrock Capital, Ascensive Assets, and Morningstar Ventures. SolRazr is set to have a unique allocation model geared towards the retail investors, leveraging NFTs on Solana.

Investors’ information

Genesis Block Ventures, Divergence, Genblock Capital, CMS Holdings, PANONY, and Skynet Trading were the SolRazr funding round participants. Angel investors included Sam Kazemian (Frax Finance), Leo Cheng (CREAM), Santiago R Santos, and Chris McCann.

Solana & SolRazr

Solana is a swiftly growing blockchain having Serum and Raydium as its key platforms. It also has various DeFi protocols being built on it. Solana is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain having a consensus mechanism derived via pBFT, having 200 operational nodes globally. Solana can process over 50,000 transactions per second.

SolRazr’s core aim is to supercharge Solana’s adoption via assisting developers and projects in capital raising via fast building. SolRazr platform is fast, affordable, secure and bot-proof. Its allocations are fair and authentically decentralized. Apart from being a launchpad, the team is also focussing on developing a platform offering various developer tools to facilitate swift Solana builds.

SolRazr Build’s Features

The Launchpad, Accelerator, Developer Tools are the SolRazr build ecosystem features with tradable allocations and cross-chain pools. You can turbocharge Solana development with a powerful developer suite of tools to manage App development lifecycle on Solana. Build, test, monitor, debug, document and publish your Solana dApps with ease.

SolRazr’s Unique Allocation Model

SolRazr’s Unique Allocation Model follows a tiered system with the following categories:

Seed: Having 14% weightage and 5,000 SOLR staked

Sapling: Having 21% weightage and 10,000 SOLR staked

Tree: Having 29% weightage and 20,000 SOLR staked

Mighty Oak: Having 36% weightage and 40,000 SOLR staked

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