Solo.Top: A single-asset Mining Aggregator Without Impermanent Loss is an impermanent loss-free single asset mining aggregator. A number of user-friendly DeFi tools are included on the website. And now it’s got a USDT 400M TVL. No network tokens have yet been released by

Founded in March 2021, has enjoyed a number of renowned collaborators on the Huobi Echo chain, including DeFiBox, Token Pocket, MathWallet, HuobiPool, CoinEx, SomeK, MDEX, BXH, Ankr, ViaWallet, Hoo, SCapital. In the past, the company’s ecosystem partner organization, which included is able to mix APY crypto assets to the BXH and MDEX technique and actually supports BTC, ETH, BNB, BUSD, USDT, MDX, BXH, etc. Crypto asset deposits of up to 300%.

The platform does not charge a fee for depositing or withdrawing crypto-asset users and users can withdraw the deposit return in any case. Mobile wallets like Token Pocket, Huobi Wallet, MathWallet, CodeBank, etc. are currently supporting

Heco Chain was live on now. They are supporting six assets during the first phase: USDT, BTC, ETH, MDX, HT and DOT. Mobile users can browse for a platform on Token Pocket and the official website is available to device users:

Users can pick any single currency promise on the homepage and have a high annual USDT revenue.

The total value locked on is currently nearly $20M. Then launches other V2 and V3 versions of public chains, giving consumers more fun gaming games and advantages.


Built with a single coverage mechanism, Solo.Top is designed to provide a zero-threshold financial service to DeFi customers. The benefits that make Solo.Top stand out are no guaranteed losses, easy and high incentives.

No losses: the’s innovative hedging system will significantly mitigate liquidity mining impermanent losses. Not only can consumers be involved in liquidity mining in an atmosphere without lack of impermanence in order to obtain genuine high returns without risks.

Convenient: Several high-quality DeFi projects are available. However, for ordinary users many are somewhat cumbersome to use.’s architecture philosophy allows consumers to make low-cost gains.

Solo’s UI style is first and foremost very succinct. The only way to view the contents is by using one tab. The list includes “total lock-up number,” “total consumer income” and each currency annualization and quota, etc.. Without additional clicks, users can see every feature.

Users only have two “deposit” and “withdrawal” operations to achieve high returns on their customer interactions. Enter the corresponding number by clicking on the ‘Deposit’ button and you only have to wait for the revenue to arrive.

Also, does not set deposit and withdrawal rates for users in the economic model. Users can at any time deposit and cancel any number.

Higher Rewards: finds secure deposits on the chain through smart contracts, reliable and high-yield liquidity mining pools and assigns user funds deposited on the blockchain automatically to these mining pools. Regardless of the currency form, the smart contract immediately assigned user funding to the chain’s highest liquidity mining pool to guarantee that users have liquidity always with the most rewarding mining in the single currency mining pool. And consumers do not suffer impermanent damages, which further increase usage revenue. is devoted to providing DeFi consumers with almost barrier-free, safe and high-performing DeFi financial services through a range of inventions and technical growth.

Higher and secure APY for users

The team eventually chases the long-term preservation of crypto assets. The network was tested by industry experts in several rounds of internal and public risks and pressures, and only after a compliance assessment was completed by Certik for the Smart contract. For general safety improvement and risk hedging, techniques such as multiple signatures, asset vault separation and delegate contracts are used. has already gained over 8 million USDT profit for users. The current total valued locked is 600 million USDT. Using would also prevent you from moving about in order to get a maximum APY return. They will deliver extremely robust and safe consumer strategies and evolve to provide up-to-date products constantly through the ecosystem.

The DeFi Liquidity Mining Pools on the chain by smart contracts are safe, reliable and high-efficiency and consumer funds are automatically allotted to the mining pools stored on the Certik ( Audit Report Certik.pdf) has audited the Smart contract of and consumers are entitled to secure and high-yield liquidity mining revenues from, and liquidity mining does not cause impermanent damages.


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