Sold Out NFT Chests Hit StepHero Marketplace on Anticipated Launch

The highly anticipated StepHero NFT marketplace is live, featuring sold-out NFT chests.

Sold Out Mystery Chests Available 

The highly anticipated StepHero Non-fungible Token (NFT) marketplace is fully operational. The NFT chests that sold out before the marketplace’s launch can now be traded on the HERO marketplace. 

The Mystery Chest sale commenced on August 31st, and 8000 NFTs were sold out in seven seconds. However, StepHero confirmed that users could purchase another set of NFTs on Sept 10 via an official Tweet on August 31st. 

“Users can now open your purchased NFT chests now. Good news for those who missed the 1st sale of Step Hero Mystery Chests: BATCH 2 OF MYSTERY CHESTS will be available for sale on Sept 10. Stay tuned for updates and upcoming roadmap in September,” the protocol notified users on Twitter. 

The HERO marketplace was launched on September 1st at 2:00 AM UTC, featuring valuable NFTs. The highest Mystery Chest NFT available on the marketplace is worth 500 BNB and is up for grabs. Already, the first mythical-based NFT has been sold for 150 BNB, according to StepHero’s Tweet on September 1st. 


The large number of users that purchased the NFTs upon launch in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem shows that users are interested in StepHero’s NFTs. The first batch NFT sale was positive, and the protocol will build on that to record more success, ensuring that users utilize the HERO marketplace at a large scale. 

StepHero Congratulates Users 

Following the quick NFT sell-out, the StepHero team released an official statement via Twitter on Aug 31 to congratulate all users who participated in the Step Hero Mystery Chest Sale. 

“Congratulations to the lucky users who have successfully purchased Mystery Chests,” a part of the official statement read. 

The protocol explained that NFT distribution was delayed due to an overloaded server caused by the way numerous users purchased the NFTs in a short period. However, StepHero was quick to thank users for their patience and understanding during that period. 


The Booming BSC NFT ecosystem 

We mentioned that the first NFT sold out for 150 BNB ($75K) in the HERO marketplace. Interestingly, StepHero’s recent creation is not the only trending marketplace across the BSC ecosystem. 

Faraland, an RPG NFT game on BSC, similar to StepHero with an NFT marketplace, is also in the news. According to the protocol’s Tweet on September 1st, its NFT sale and equipment marketplace recorded a new milestone. 

“Another milestone reached! The “Taming Sari” were bought with 2,200 $Fara – highest price today.” Faraland broke the big news on Twitter. “After only 1 days, Equipment Marketplace’s total volume reached 500,000 $USD.”

The Faraland equipment marketplace was launched on August 31st at 8:10 AM UTC, and just like the HERO marketplace, some notable achievements have been recorded within a short time. The recent surge in NFT interest is exciting for projects built on the BSC, and we only expect more top projects to leverage BSC’s large audience to record more success. 

About StepHero

StepHero is an NFT fantasy-themed Role Play Game (RPG) on BSC and Polygon. The StepHero ecosystem is a perfect combination of NFT gaming and Decentralized Finance (DeFi), enabling users to have fun simultaneously and earn profit. 

The StepHero ecosystem comprises its already mentioned StepHero RPG game, Heroes farming, and an NFT marketplace. However, the project is more than just a game in that it also has a strong desire to help players invest in activities to earn money through gaming. 

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