Solana FPS Game EV.IO Lands on Jerseys of ESports Team Luminosity

Solana blockchain game EV.IO partners with ESports team Luminosity, strengthening the connection between FPS games on Web2 and Web3.

EV.IO Sponsors ESports Team Luminosity

The logo for Solana blockchain game EV.IO now appears on the right sleeve of the jersey of traditional ESports team Luminosity.

The jersey was revealed in a Tweet last week. Luminosity is an ESports team that competes in Web2 games like Player Unknown Battle Grounds, APEX Legends, and Rainbow Six Siege. Like those titles, EV.IO is a first-person shooter (FPS) with similar mechanics, although it’s a Web3 blockchain game.

“It’s good to see EV.IO and Luminosity working together to promote Web3 and represent it in a relevant way. Luminosity has some of the best FPS players in the world, perfect for an FPS game like EV.IO,” Spike, a Web3 content creator who makes EV.IO content, told BSC News.

EV.IO’s logo on the sleeve of Luminosity’s jersey. Source

This isn’t the first time that the two gaming brands have collaborated with each other. Earlier this year, EV.IO hosted a tournament called the Luminosity Cup. The tournament that happened in May had a $5,000 prize pool and was streamed live on the official Twitch channel of the blockchain game.

Players can check out and play the game for free by visiting the EV.IO website.

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