Socios Fan Token, Paris Saint-Germain Rallies 30% Following News of Messi’s Impending Arrival

Adding the world’s best player to an already star-studded squad boosts trophy chances and popularity of the French squad.

Messi Shoots Price Up

The football world saw the shock of generation this week: Lionel Messi will no longer play for FC Barcelona. The news sent ripples across the globe, with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) the only likely suitor for the six-time Balon d’Or Winner. 

The Argentine football player has spent his entire career in the Catalan capital, and reports say he will move to play in France. Messi’s arrival to Paris is still to be confirmed, but the rumors of a contract with the French giants have sent the $PSG fan token price soaring. 

Over the last seven days, the token price has doubled from a low of $21.93 to a high of $54.80. The token has seen a 30% hike in the last 24hrs alone. 

“[PSG] is one possibility,” Messi suggested in a tearful farewell speech in Barcelona on Sunday, August 9. “There’s nothing finalized at the moment, but we’re talking about a lot of things.”


There are few things in the football world as spectacular as the signing of Messi, and the token prices of PSG reflected so. Following a league win in the first fixture against Troyes on Aug. 7, the hype behind PSG is beyond comprehension. Amidst a week where most of the soccer world went into mourning, PSG fans rejoiced. 

“HALF A BILLION DOLLARS ($500M) traded last 24h: Sports fans, users, traders, and everybody is interested in @PSG_inside. Fan Token due to potential Messi’s recruitment” wrote Chilliz CEO Alexandre Dreyfus on Twitter. “People buy tickets, jerseys, and now…Fan Tokens. This is a new way to translate Fan Sentiment.”

The rise of the token shows the role that cryptocurrencies and blockchains play in sports. Fan tokens give fans a chance to impact club decisions, buy collectibles, and more.

The rise in PSG’s fan token price reflects the tremendous interest in the token. Digital assets have begun to echo real-world sentiments. 

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