Ends 7-Day NBA Team Release, Taking B-Ball Digital

NBA continues to be a league of innovation as more teams now work with

Week-Long Event has finished a seven-day stretch of courting seven NBA teams for digital partnerships in the upcoming 2021-2022 season. normally sponsors teams with a digital Fan Token, but these partnerships will only come with strategic marketing and monetization according to the. The move is a significant step into the United States market by and their sister company, Chilliz.

“We are thrilled to partner with and Chiliz. Our organization prioritizes fan engagement and innovation, two qualities that are central to the Socios platform,” said Brenden Mallete, Senior Vice President Corporate Partnerships & Engagement for the Detroit Pistons, in the official press release from August 20. 

As the leading blockchain provider for the sports and entertainment industry, is helping teams across the world change from passive to active fans. Now with ten total NBA teams agreeing to join and Chilliz, the market has opened, and the digitalization of the NBA has begun. continues to blow up the footballing world, and it’s only natural for them to maneuver to the NBA.


From Two to Nine to More?

With crypto proving massive room for digital growth and the recent success of the latest Space Jam film, one would think that the NBA would see to the future and embrace digitization. 

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is widely regarded as an innovative leader, and the NBA was listed as one of Time’s 100 most influential companies in 2021. 

“I often look at things from the vantage point of a wannabe technologist. When new technologies come, and whether that’s a smart phone or Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, we’ve been very quick to embrace those new technologies,” Silver told Time Magazine’s Sean Gregory in April 2021. “…Blockchain and NFT just being the latest.”

Whether it is NFT tickets or strategic digital partnerships with, the NBA has begun taking the steps it needs to embrace blockchain technology and continue to innovate. With the new season coming around the corner, there is little time to wait to get the ball moving. now lists nine total teams. The first two were the Philadelphia 76ers and the Boston Celtics. Now, this past week the website announced a team each day.

Sacramento Kings

Orlando Magic

Los Angeles Clippers

Houston Rockets

Chicago Bulls

Minnesota Timberwolves

Detroit Pistons

“What an amazing way to round off 7 new partnerships announcements in just 7 days,” said Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of and Chiliz. “It’s now time for us to get to work and explore all the opportunities these new partnerships offer.”

About Socios is the official crypto wallet and trading platform for some of the biggest sports teams in the world. The site is an innovative fan engagement platform that was created for the Chiliz blockchain. The Socios platform provides the owners of the fan tokens with access to voting rights in polls, VIP rewards, exclusive club and sponsor promotions, AR-enabled features, chat forums, games, and competitions.

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Chiliz is a payment and cryptocurrency platform used primarily by sports teams for blockchain-powered services and products. The model targets mainstream consumers with their $CHZ – the digital currency for sports and entertainment. Chillz first minted tokens in 2018 and is the exclusive currency used on the platform.

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