Adds More NBA Partnerships, Now Has 24 including the LA Lakers takes a leading role in transforming the American fan experience for basketball lovers. Jumps into NBA now has a partnership with the majority of teams from the National Basketball Association (NBA) in the United States. The latest moves brought in several major franchises, including the Los Angeles Lakers, one of the league’s most storied franchises and valuable brands. 

The team has opened a new Twitter account ‘SociosHoops,” to help commemorate the momentous occasion. announced the news through social media posts while their CEO was at the World Blockchain Expo in Dubai, rallying support for the company. 

“We are not here to revolutionize the financial industry. Our job is to help the sports industry to transform a passive fan into an active fan,” said CEO of Chilliz and Alexandre Dreyfus at the Dubai Binance Meet-Up on October 16. “We believe that the future of the sports industry is to engage fans globally and give them more power in having a vested interest in the team.”

Source: Dreyfus in Dubai is controlled by Chilliz, the creator of the Fan Token concept that has become all the rage across world sports. The company began by partnering with global and mainly European football clubs, but now they have invaded the American market with their push of NBA teams.

“We’ve laid down some really significant foundations to take fan engagement to the next level in U.S sport, and we couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come next,” Dreyfus was quoted in the official press release

The deals between the NBA teams and will not include the famed Fan Token technology deployed by Socios as blockchain technology still faces many regulatory hurdles in the United States. So far, the partnerships primarily include marketing and media support. will benefit from highly improved television branding from the updated deals.


As stated by Dreyfus, is not trying to re-invent the wheel. Instead, they want to bring the game and the teams fans love closer to the fan experience. The goal is to eliminate the hard border between fans and the front office by allowing fans a unique opportunity to get in the game.

“As an organization that places great importance on serving and engaging with our fans, we are excited that has a shared perspective and will help support our initiatives to serve the Lakers fanbase,” said Tim Harris, President of Business of Operations, Lakers.

About Socios is the official crypto wallet and trading platform for some of the biggest sports teams in the world. The site is an innovative fan engagement platform that was created for the Chiliz blockchain. The Socios platform provides the owners of the fan tokens with access to voting rights in polls, VIP rewards, exclusive club, and sponsor promotions, AR-enabled features, chat forums, games, and competitions.

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