SocialPass Becomes Ticketing Partner for Pudgy Penguins’ “Midnight in Paris”

By providing an easy-to-use platform that utilizes NFT ownership, SocialPass is revolutionizing the Web3 ticketing experience.

SocialPass | Pudgy Penguins

SocialPass is proud to announce that it has become the premier ticketing partner for the Pudgy Penguins. The partnership is kicking off with the “Midnight in Paris” event, which is being hosted by Pudgy Penguins alongside DeGods and y00ts. The event, sponsored by LayerZero – an omnichain interoperability protocol, will take place from February 24 at 9 PM to February 25 at 2 AM. By establishing this collaboration, SocialPass is proving its effectiveness in ticketing large-scale events. 

The official Pudgy Penguin announcement can be found in the Tweet below:

Check out the official SocialPass event page for “Midnight in Paris” with Pudgy Penguins and DeGods here

Hosting the Next Generation of Events

SocialPass is the premier platform for easily accessible Web3 ticketing. It is an all-new, easy-to-use Web3 event ticketing platform that allows event organizers host their events using NFT ownership (with fiat and crypto payments also on the way). SocialPass makes it easy for event organizers to create and manage events, while also providing a fast and simple way for attendees to purchase tickets. The platform is designed to make NFT ownership a standard in the event ticketing industry, providing an added layer of security and transparency for event organizers and attendees. By utilizing NFT ownership, event organizers can easily manage ticket sales and verify the authenticity of tickets. 

SocialPass is also working on adding fiat and crypto payments to its platform, making it even more accessible to users around the world. With these payment options, SocialPass is empowering event organizers to reach a global audience and attract attendees from different parts of the world.

The partnership between SocialPass and Pudgy Penguins is an exciting development for the Web3 ticketing industry. As more and more events move online, platforms like SocialPass will become increasingly important. With its focus on NFT ownership and ease of use, SocialPass is shaking up event ticketing in the Web3 era.

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