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PlaytoEarn Daily hosts SoccerHub: #NFTs #SoccerHub #Gamefi #P2EDaily #P2EADVERTISEMENT

P2E Daily Admin: Hello and welcome, how are you today?

Hana: Nice to e-meet all of you guys here. Great thanks for your interest in SoccerHub and for attending AMA today.

I’m Hannah – CMO of SoccerHub and I’m here on behalf of SoccerHub to answer all questions of today’s AMA. Can’t wait to see all of your amazing questions!

P2E Daily Admin: Happy to hear! Ready to start our AMA?

Hana: Yes! I’m ready.

Q1: Please briefly introduce about yourself and SoccerHub.

Hana: Would love to share a brief intro about our SoccerHub: SoccerHub is the combination of traditional soccer manager game and trending NFT game that, we believe, makes us the very first play-to-earn soccer manager game. We are inspired by top soccer manager games in the world like TopEleven, Football manager, but following the principle of a P2E game. Our game is still being designed and planned to be released in November, but you can join P2E minigame and staking now to earn out $SCH.

Q2: Can you tell us about the team behind SoccerHub?

Hana: Sure! We are proud that SoccerHub was conceived and founded by a team with high competence and professional conduct, and the greatest strength of our core team is our enthusiasm and maturity in every move we make. Backed by Chainos Solution – one of top 10 blockchain companies in Vietnam and Ziga game studio which developed successfully more than 18 games and have DAU number of 300K.

Our CEO – Salem Nguyen is also CEO of Chainos Solution. She has 14 years of experience in the IT field, including more than 4 years of experience as a manager of the Japanese office of FIS – the largest SI company in Vietnam.

Our CTO – Harry Dau is Head of R&D Department & Blockchain Leader of Chainos. Harry has been working in the field for over 10 years.

Our COO – Ngoc Anh Ta – is also the COO of Ziga Game. He has more than 10 years of experience in product design.

And me – CMO also Business Development Manager of Chainos Solution.

Q3: Can you please list some gaming features of SoccerHub? How can your users earn $SCH tokens from that system?

Hana: Yeah, So proud to share our big 4 features first:

1. Firstly, SoccerHub is a Beat-Off game that mix Soccer Manager Game and a P2E game

2. Second is our world-class NFT players that make us stand out from other NFT player cards.

3. Thirdly, SoccerHub allows users to trade on the market please with a low fee as SoccerHub is built on BSC and Polygon.

4. Last but not least is our Betting system which will be the fairest ever with a new paradigm built on Blockchain technology.

We have activities for users to join activities such as: forming your favorite soccer teams, training and Tracking the performance of teams, auctions at transfer market for better players, taking part in soccer tournaments, NFT Marketplace, buying/ upgrading facilities.

And You carn $SCH by: – Selling NFT players by auction – Daily reward by staking – Daily reward by training – Winning match – Level-up reward – Bet winning – Join our P2E MINIGAME.

FYI, now our staking is already available on:

Or you can earn our $SCH by joining our minigame at:

Hope to see your amazing record in our global chat.

Q4: What phase are you in in your Roadmap? What have you achieved so far? What is your plan in the near future?

Hana: I’m so excited to share our plan with the community.

Currently, we’re at Phase 2 of our Roadmap, in which we guarantee to:

– Launch our IDOs Done

– NFT Players Sales Done

– Mini-games Done

– NFT Marketplace

– We will release SCH Marketplace this week

– Training Sessions

– Release soon this month

As you can see, we have completed more than half of phase 2, according to the original plan. This week, Marketplace will be opened for users to trade/buy/sell NFTs players. Not only are we trying to complete the plan, we are also accelerating the release of the official game this November to serve our community.

Q5: We see that SoccerHub successfully sold 2000 NFTs players last week. Can you tell us more about them? How many NFTs do you need if you want to play?

Hana: Yes, I would love to share more about our NFT players. The only characters in the game are NFT soccer players, and are generated by Blockchain with random Attributes (15 different attributes), Positions (14 different positions), and Statistics (17 different statistics).

– At the moment, if you want to join our P2E Minigame – you only need 1 NFT Players. – When competition is released, you’ll need at least 15 NFT players to form a team, and join and tournament. The maximum is unlimited, but when staking registers to participate in the tournament, it is not possible to stake more than 23 players.

As a Soccer Manager, you can put your squad into training sessions to level up their skills and or join several tournaments to gain winning awards. You can buy training packages in the marketplace and design the training sessions that will boost your soccer players.

– Currently, we are building a model of 1 wallet for a squad. If you want to have multiple teams, you can use multiple wallets to register. We’re also considering using 1 wallet and having multiple teams. Need more recommendations from you guys.

Q6: Can you share with us how to play and earn in the minigame you mentioned above?

Hana: I’m glad you notice our minigame. So, we call it the KICK-UP Minigame. It was released a week ago and really becomes an addictive game. As Its name tells, you will have the experience of being a soccer player to earn $SCH tokens.

After opening the Kick Up Minigame, you will see 5 main objects on the screen which are: a ball, a foot, a bird, a bomb, and a $SCH golden coin.

Game rules: Your mission is to move the mouse-based shoe to touch the ball as many times as possible. If the ball falls to the ground then It’s game over, you’ll have to try another turn.

Conditions: You will need at least 1 NFT Player to join the game, 1000 $SCH equivalent to 1 play/day; no more than 200 times/day.

We also having bonus for top 10 on Leader Board. Here, look at the amount of token our player earned in 1 turn. That’s a lot right?

Just try it yourself at

Q7: Besides P2E mini-game, are there other ways to earn $SCH as well? Can you give us more info about that?

Hana: Sure! There are lots of ways to earn $SCH – Selling NFT players by auction – Daily reward by staking – Daily reward by training – Winning match – Level-up reward – Bet winning.

And recently, our STAKING event is giving you more and more $SCH. We have 3 staking packages for you to choose with the APY are: 100%, 125%, 150% with the lock time of 0, 30 and 90 days. Not only high rate, staking event allow you to be counted for 1 turn of minigame while staking. We have full instruction HERE if you want to stake some $SCH now.

Q8: What is the SoccerHub marketplace? What can we purchase there?

Hana: Thanks for your interest. We’re opening the Marketplace this week. SoccerHub NFTs Marketplace allows users to create and trade NFT soccer players by using our $SCH tokens.

Our platform focuses on creating one-of-a-kind characters in the game which has distinct statistics randomly generated by blockchain technology. Users can also buy training packages, Equipment and treatment packages in the marketplace in order to level up their NFT players.

First release, SCH Marketplace will be full of our NFT Players, we will gradually update and add equipment for NFTs to increase theirs value.

P2E Daily Admin: With this, we are now at the end of our AMA session with SoccerHub.

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Hana: Thanks P2E team for holding this amazing AMA for us. And more thanks for P2E community for all of your attendance today! Please don’t forget to visit us at

Many minigame and airdrop programs will go live soon this month. Keep updated to make sure you don’t miss out!

P2E Daily Admin:  Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for SoccerHub.

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