Snoop Doge – Investment and Community Value

This pop-culture meme project seeks to build a community that shares similar interests, as well as a love of cryptocurrency.

What is Snoop Doge?

Snoop Doge is a meme coin with real world utility bringing cannabis to crypto with its own weed strain in development. With a cult-like following and large community, Snoop Doge seeks to revolutionize the way crypto communities interact, with their Friday High Day and Burn Parties, where coins get burned, cash gets given away and the community gets their questions answered, while being provided with quality entertainment. 

High Day Friday & Burn Party 

Every Friday the community gets together for the most lit voice chat and party on Telegram.

Snoop Doge aims to do more than provide people value on their investments. We really strive to create a community where people can hang out with like-minded individuals, while providing entertainment alongside managing their investment.

What goes on in a Friday High Day & Burn Party: the community gets together on voice chat while the Snoop Doge team shares relevant information on the development of the project. We announce winners of our Regular Giveaways (this week’s is $10,000). We burn some of the token supply to increase the value of existing supply. We answer community members’ questions related to project development as well as take their insights into consideration. On top of that, we are bringing in a comedian this week to provide entertainment to the community. 


As of now we have two utility functions in the works, both of which will be used to buy back into the coin and burn the supply to increase the value of Snoop Doge.

We are a week away from our merch line being available for sale on our online store. We will sell all your cannabis essentials, branded by Snoop Doge: rolling papers, lighters, matches, grinders, and more. We will package them together in what we call a ‘dope basket’. 

Secondly, we are developing our legal weed strain with plans to distribute throughout Canada and the United States. We will start with one strain and expand our catalogue as time goes on. 

Last Words

Snoop Doge is available on PancakeSwap and will be on more exchange listings in the future, once we integrate our utility into our token. We are under a week old with big plans and take great pride in bringing cannabis to crypto. Join our family and come see what we’re all about. 

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