Snake Money Ido Running Until March 12

Snake Money is a Play-To-Earn game and entertainment platform which will soon launch NFT, private game rooms, and other upgrades.

Snake Money launched their IDO earlier this month, on February 8, and participation is still open until March 12, 2022. The presale rate is 2 SMON per 1 BUSD, with a minimum contribution of 1 SMON and a maximum contribution of 10000K BUSD.  

Investing In The Classic Game “Snake” Through A Unique IDO

Snake Money is a nostalgic web game based on the well-known classic game “Snake,” in which players aim to beat the other players using dexterity, ingenuity, and experience.  

However, the minimum stake to begin is around $1. Thanks to their IDO, players will be able to play more and beat other snakes in more ways. Therefore, the quantity of tokens available for this IDO opportunity is limited, so do not miss out.  

The cryptocurrency is called SMON and is a token produced and deployed on the Binance Smart Chaine mainnet based on the BEP 20 token standards. The number of SMON issued is 50 million from the 100 million total supply.  

But that is not all the news that you should know about; in the second quarter of 2022, a payment system based on SMON cryptocurrency will be deployed, as well as an NFTs market with an integrated auction. Also, the project team will hold a multilayer tournament in the third quarter with a prize pool of up to $40,000.  

Snake Money Is A Play To Earn Game  

The internet gambling and gaming industry has risen exponentially in recent years. Customers are more actively playing games, according to various reports, because newer games appeal to a greater range of interests.  

Snake Money was created to provide an easy game process in which the share of the win is determined solely by the player’s skills and not by luck. Players earn money by collecting coins dispersed over the playing field, and these coins are actual money. The game is really simple and is noted for its simplicity as its essence.  

The team worked hard to make it more engaging by making it multiplayer. The objectives are the same as in the classic snake game, in that players must acquire food and grow in size. 

Stay Connected To The Smon Opportunity  

Through the IDO that is still active, users can obtain SMON more easily than usual, giving them a better chance of victory in battle.  

Get your tokens today and increase your chances of winning.  

If you want to stay up to date on Snake Money and any future initiatives, follow them on social media and visit their website.  






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