Sluggish Sloths Finally Sells-Out NFT Collection

The NFT collection sold out its last 40% in one month following several NFT partnerships and giveaways.

Sluggish Sloths NFTs Sell Out

Following a few months of twists and turns after the initial launch date, the Sluggish Sloths Non-fungible Tokens (NFT) project of BNB Chain has officially sold out. 

The hype for Sluggish Sloths kicked up during the month of February following several partnerships and giveaways with other NFT groups on BNB Chain like The Bulls Society, Distorted Doodlez, and Degen Ape Club. With just 60% minted at the start of February, the last few thousand sloths flew off the minting with the team confirming the sell-out on February 28.

“Officially minted out. Now the real work begins. More info will follow soon. For now the team wants to thank all the supporters and lovely people in the BSC community,” Sluggish Sloths tweeted on February 28.


The Sluggish Sloths launched in November 2021 and minted for the price 0.1 BNB. The Sloths are a collection of 4,444 NFTs with over 100 unique attributes and four rare bases on a mission greater than something just digital. The team adopted 100 sloths through the Sloth Conservation Foundation in Costa Rica and pledged in their roadmap to work closely with more like-minded NFT projects.

With partnerships already established with strong NFT communities on BNB Chain, the Sluggish Sloths community is moving in the right direction. The floor price currently sits at 0.04 BNB on NFTKey. With the potential for a listing on Liquidity Collectibles, the floor could begin to rise.

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