Slavi: A Cross-Chain DeFi Protocol to Launch NFT Marketplace

Dubai-based Cross-Chain DeFi protocol Slavi set to launch an NFT marketplace

Slavi is launching its NFT marketplace. The first cross-chain decentralized SuperDApp offering in one-click full access to Luxury services and NFTs. It makes available decentralized luxury finance infrastructure. Slavi’s NFT marketplace would let users trade tokenized assets. Team Slavi intends to introduce a differentiated DeFi solution that would provide utility to the dynamic user community. Building and launching appropriate solutions alongside availing BSC’s interoperability is planned by Slavi. Slavi SuperDApp is poised to onboard and bridge with multiple blockchains (over 30).

Slavi SuperDApp Ecosystem

The Slavi project shall offer a decentralized application working in web, mobile and desktop environments. Its functions will be as follows:

Easy buy-sell options

Cold storage

DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) and LPoS (Leased Proof of Stake) algorithms

Hosting and deploying nodes

Instant buy / sell option

Easy currency buying / selling

Cross-chain bridge and multi-chain asset management

DeFi functionality

Top DeFi offers management

Web3 browser

NFT marketplace

Native DApps integration

Buying cryptocurrencies via bank cards

Analysis tools

Account management

Investment Intelligence for Slavi SuperDApp Users

SuperDApp Users will be offered meticulous crypto investment advice. Tracking the portfolio feature would also be made available.

Access to various DeFi sector services on payment and via the SLV native platform token.

Organizing asset listing and community engagement via the base currency being SLV.

SLV token itself being used as the payment in the native NFT marketplace.

Developing a single application allowing users to purchase various digital assets via their bank cards. Connecting to various DeFi protocols in just clicks.

Slavi Roadmap

Slavi Socials


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