Sky Mavis Launches Axie Infinity: Origin on Mobile

The mobile launch gives more community members of the blockchain gaming project access to the new version of the game.

Transitioning From Classic To Origin

Sky Mavis, creators of the popular PlayAndEarn game on the Ronin Network, Axie Infinity, has launched their new game mode, Axie Infinity: Origin, on mobile. 

In a Twitter thread released by Axie Infinity on May 12, the team made an announcement regarding the release of the mobile version of Axie Infinity: Origin. At the initial launch of the game mode, the community could only play the game through their PCs. The mobile version launch gives access to more community members and allows them to finally play the newer battle version.

“The release of the mobile APK is a big first step towards our full launch in the coming months,” Nix Eniego, Axie Infinity’s Philippine Lead, told BSC News. “A big chunk of our v2 player base were on mobile, so having Origin accessible now for Android devices gives this majority a chance to play and enjoy Origin. Most importantly, being available on mobile and free to play means that sharing Axie to family and friends became so much easier! Almost anyone can play Axie Origin now.”


So far, the mobile launch is limited to Android users at the moment. But, it still serves as a transition towards the newer version of the game and a step closer to the global launch of Axie Infinity: Origin. As the team mentioned that the 21st competitive season of Axie Infinity: Classic will be its last, providing access to Axie Infinity: Origin before season 21 ends will assist the community with familiarizing themselves with the new game mechanics.

“Today, we’ve taken one step closer to our full global launch by releasing Axie Infinity: Origin on Android! Now, even more, players will have the opportunity to battle, collect, and trade their own digital pets,” Axie Infinity tweeted out. “Please remember, Origin is still in an Early Access testing phase! The future full global launch will include token rewards, crafting NFT runes/charms, and AXS prize leaderboard.”

The global launch will be something the community will be looking out for and depend on how the team deems Axie Infinity: Origin to be a product ready to be shipped out. But for now, users can download and install the APK for the android version of Axie Infinity: Origin through Sky Mavis’ website. Check out Axie Infinity’s Substack post for more details.

What is Axie Infinity:

Axie Infinity is a PlayAndEarn blockchain game where players breed, collect, and play with digital pets called Axies and earn from the interactions. It’s built on Ronin, an Ethereum-based side-chain developed by Vietnamese-based gaming studio Sky Mavis. The protocol put eyes on the PlayAndEarn gaming industry back in 2021. In addition, the team is building a digital nation where each community member comes together to play, earn, and live in Lunacia.

Where to find Axie Infinity:

Website | Twitter | Substack | Medium | Whitepaper |

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