SingularityDAO AMA Recap SDAO Token Use Cases & Future Plan

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BSC_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome, how are you today?

Jon: Hey, thanks for having me here, I’m great thanks!

BSC_Daily Admin: Happy to hear! Ready to start our AMA?

Jon: Absolutely.

Q1: Please tell us briefly about yourself and the SingularityDAO project.

Jon: Hi guys, I’m Jon, Chief of Communications at SingularityDAO. Hi guys, I’m Jon, Chief of Communications at SingularityDAO.

I started out in 2017 as an outspoken community member like many of you,  and now I am lucky enough to have a hand in building the Singularity – It’s awesome to be in this position and able to talk with you all.

SingularityDAO is a true Decentralized Autonomous Organization designed to simplify access to the crypto economy. AI-DeFi: Sophisticated Decentralized Finance meets the world’s most advanced Decentralized Artificial Intelligence to create a new type of economy.

And from next week will be joining you all on Binance Smart Chain!

Q2: Can you tell us a bit about the team and their experience with crypto projects?

Jon: Lead by CEO Marcello Mari, CFO Mario Casiraghi, CTO Chris Poulin and co-founder Ben Goertzel, alongside a world-class team of Blockchain Specialists, AI Scientists, Quants, Full-Stack, Front End, Back End Developers, Financial Advisors and Marketing Professionals; The SingularityDAO team is composed of people from around the world and of all walks of life, some have come from MIT after being advisors to the American Government. Others from Microsoft as well as other big Silicon Valley companies such as Oracle. There are a number straight out of Wall Street, big banking and traditional finance. SingularityDAO also has access to the full breadth of knowledge and experience offered by SingularityNET (which has been around since 2017 and on Binance since 2018) which within their own team of 100+ people includes numerous world-famous AI scientists, such as their CEO Ben Goertzel.

I would strongly suggest a LinkedIn search of our leaders, especially our CTO Chris Poulin, he is not your usual crypto degen.

Q3: Can you walk us through the uniqueness of SingularityDAO?

Jon: As the DeFi arm of the SingularityNET AI Ecosystem, SingularityDAO is a true Decentralized Autonomous Organization designed to simplify access to the crypto economy. AI-DeFi: Sophisticated Decentralized Finance meets the world’s most advanced Decentralized Artificial Intelligence to create a new type of economy. We are building a suite of financial tools with their main offering being DynaSets, Dynamically adjusted baskets of tokens controlled by a team of traders aided by and eventually handing over majority control to, highly advanced Artificial Intelligences, the likes of which are leveraged daily on Wall-Street but are as yet unknown in the crypto space. These are unlike anything currently offered in terms of tokenset-like projects as our systems are constantly monitoring both the blockchain and external sources like social media, and creating signals throughout the day. Our DynaSets are able to (and will when appropriate) rebalance as many times a day as required maximizing Alpha regardless of bull or bear markets.

Another thing that this means, is that our other projects like our launchpad, can afford to be far more selective about the projects we offer to you, as it is not our main product, and so we don’t rely on it for a main source of revenue.

Meaning we wont give you… shitcoin. I think the uniqueness of what we offer in DynaSets speaks for itself.

Q4: Let’s share with us more about Types of Voting Events and Turnout Criteria.

Jon: The governance aspect to SingularityDAO is incredibly important to us, so much so that we created a separate white paper just for this topic, which you can read here –

I strongly suggest that if the project interests you, you take a look at both of our whitepapers.

But to summarise, initially we will hold relatively low impact votes such as the upcoming vote as to which stablecoins should be used in our yield farming pools. However we will also offer more high-impact votes around things like DynaSet performance fees. Over time and based on numerous factors, such as voter turnout at each event, we will fully decentralise the entire operation until (based on current hopeful timelines) in 4 years time the community will even be able to vote on whether or not to replace myself, the CEO, or even the entire team. In early stages we maintain veto rights so as to have the chance to build the required features for the project to survive without us, but over the coming years we hope that the community will take over 100% and we all lose our jobs! – although it would also be very flattering if they choose to allow us to keep control a little longer as we all love working on it!

Q5: Please tell us about the $SDAO token! What are the token use cases, distribution, and how to buy/get it?  

Jon: I have to be careful with this one, not financial advise and all that

SDAO is primarily the governance token of the SingularityDAO platform, and based on the governance details that I just shared, it should be clear what inherent value it has. But of course it has many more uses that make it attractive to hold.

It can be farmed and staked for additional rewards, we currently offer between 25% and 50% APY depending on how you choose to stake. not the highest APY you see on BSC admittedly – but we also arnt a memecoin or rugpull… so yano..

Holding SDAO also allows you participation and allocation in our Launchpad, of which we just held our first token launch, which raised 2million in 90 seconds. We are currently designing some interesting new mechanics for launch allocation which will of course use the SDAO token for participation in a multitude of ways. We will then put this to the vote along with other community proposals for the best way to handle allocations.

SDAO will also have some as yet undisclosed functions within our main product, DynaSets. I’ll allow your imaginations to run wild with what that may be, as we are currently not quite ready to share the details on that… Let’s just say that SDAO is a worthy HODL. You can get it currently on Kucoin and or UniSwap – But as of Monday 22nd we will be launching Pancake Swap Pools on BSC

Q6: Let’s talk about partnerships & influencers that you are collaborating with.

Jon: SingularityNET – of course, our parent company

NuNet – the latest addition to the SingularityNET Ecosystem

Hacken – They handle our security and audits but we also have a very close business relationship

ArtWallet – A new and very interesting NFT project from Hacken

AlphaBit – and a whole host of other strategically chosen investors

The perhaps some rumours, our parent company SingularityNET is well known to be partnered very closely with IOHK, so that perhaps leads somewhere. Avalanche is looking very interesting, Polygon is coming real soon, we are leveraging 1inch tech on our DynaSet backend and are very close to them, and not to mention our friends at Binance Smart Chain.

Going live on BSC will enable us to bring light to our friendship with Orion protocol. there are many more, from within and outside the blockchain space – some brought in from our CTO who was previously at MIT and Microsoft, and still an advisor at DeepMind.

But I really can’t share more yet.

Q7: What is the vision for SingularityDAO & future plan?

Jon: This is a simple and short answer – we are going to bring advanced financial tools, the likes of which are usually walled off by Big Money and Wall Street, and deliver it into your hands, then automate the entire thing using our advanced (true) AI’s so that you can just set and forget. All the while keeping in mind that our CEO wants it easy enough his grandmother could use it.

Q8: Where can we find out more about SingularityDAO on social media?


BSC_Daily Admin: With this, we are now at the end of our AMA session with SingularityDAO.

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Jon: Well, thanks so much for having me, and thank you for so many questions! I’m sorry that I can’t answer them all right now, but am always happy to! See you on Pancake Swap on Monday!! SDAO/BNB!!!

BSC_Daily Admin: Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for SingularityDAO.

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