SIMPLI FINANCE: The First AI Portfolio Optimizer for DeFi Yield Farming

The world’s first AI portfolio optimizer for DeFi yield farming has emerged as SIMPLI FINANCE LAB. The project will officially launch on February 2nd, 2022 at

Microsoft and SCB10x, a large financial and venture firm in Southeast Asia, reportedly have their eyes on the project. SIMPLI FINANCE LAB joined SCB10X’s DeFi Launchpad Hackathon and acquired the 1st runner-up position in the competition. Additionally, they were selected to join Microsoft’s ‘Highway to 100 Unicorns’ program for the Asia-Pacific region.

SIMPLI FINANCE will systematically analyze data without any bias and illusion. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), the platform will allow users to ‘see the unseen’ by discovering investment options they would never have considered, and optimize for metrics such as Expected Return, Impermanent Loss Reduction, Maximum Drawdown, and Return’s Volatility. SIMPLI FINANCE’s AI utilizes the Efficient Frontier Optimization Model to help users achieve the highest return (from DeFi yield farms and platform options) at each user’s level of volatility tolerance.

A portfolio optimizer like SIMPLI FINANCE can be a vital tool to survive extreme volatile periods or bearish markets. The portfolio optimizer will guide users on which farms to migrate to in order to stay afloat during extreme value dips. It also takes impermanent loss into account for users and helps solve one of the biggest pain points in DeFi. Additionally, users can complete the farming process according to SIMPLI FINANCE’s recommendation with JUST ONE CLICK!

On top of being simple and intuitive to use, SIMPLI FINANCE also has gathered many AI experts to develop advanced AI to create the Crypto Market Prediction Model to assist users in making accurate decisions. In the next version, SIMPLI FINANCE will connect with major DeFi platforms on Binance Smart Chain and enable Cross-Chain function within mid-2022.

SIMPLI FINANCE also has passed an audit from the Inspex’s team, a smart contract audit service.

From February 2nd to the 12th, 2022 at 1 PM (UTC), SIMPLI FINANCE will offer a lucky snapshot for 20 users who come to try out the platform with a reward of 2,000 $SIMPLI utility tokens each!

Find out more information at their website and join their community to receive updates on Telegram at or Twitter at

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