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BSCDaily – Admin: Hello and welcome Simba Empire Team. How are you doing my friend?

techsimbaempire_Simba Empire: So excited to join this AMA.

BSCDaily – Admin: Alright everyone  ANOTHER DAY – ANOTHER GEM

Q1: Can you give us a short introduction to what Simba Empire is?

techsimbaempire_Simba Empire: Simba Empire is NFT Blockchain Game developed on Polygon Network with ERC721 standard. And recently we are leading about NFT transfers on this Polygon network.

The game is inspired by the famous movie Lion King in 1994 with the lion king Simba, throughout the film, there are many emotional details that have taken away a lot of tears from millions of viewers, the lion king Simba must undergo many trials to finally overthrow his uncle on the throne and bring peace back to his kingdom.

The development team believes that we can build Simba Empire to become a real decentralized game ecosystem for the worldwide gamer community.

With Simba Empire game, players will try to own as much as possible NFTs which highest level 19 from level and from level 1 to 19 representing 19 classes in UK society in the four-century to the seventh century.

Q2: Can you share with us a little bit about the team behind this project? How confident are you in this fast-paced competitive crypto industry?

techsimbaempire_Simba Empire: So, We are a group of developers with a strong love and belief in blockchain technology, NFTs, and most of all, love the cartoon lion king, the lion king Simba and Mufasa ^^.

We are from Vietnam and have few team members overseas. Blockchain technology and NFTs are really cool, we want to go through this project to prove it.

Confident? Yes, of course, we are creators and we like to make things different by using technology and creativity.

But we choose our different ways and work on that to make the best for the Simbaer community and we do not really care about the people out there so we are not really facing any competition.

BSCDaily – Admin: Alright, great team builds great products. 

Q3: The entire market has become active due to the concept of GameFi and Play-to-Earn. So what differentiates Simba Empire from others? Can you walk us through your gameplay briefly?

techsimbaempire_Simba Empire: Yes, you are right. Market recently been very excited about this GameFi and Play to Earn.

However, when we are developing the Simba Empire, we are not only wanting to build a real NFT game but also a real Decentralized game with 100% using blockchain and the most technologies applied in it and we aim to build a real NFT marketplace not only for this Simba Empire.

And luckily, we are supported by the community and don’t you know how we are different yet?

Let’s start buy some SIM tokens (just for 10$) and try it.

Maybe you can search Simba Empire keyword on Google and you can find a thousand videos, tutorials about how to play, how to earn money from Simba from our Simbaer.

Q4: Where can we buy Simba Empire native tokens? Does it get audited?

techsimbaempire_Simba Empire: Currently you can buy SIM Token on the decentralized exchange: Quickswap (Polygon Network)

You can click by this link Yes, our tokens have been audited by trustable and reputation third party of this auditing field. You can check it out on our medium or official media:

Q5: Let’s talk about your tokenomics, please explain to us your token distribution model.

techsimbaempire_Simba Empire: Let me show you our tokenomics

Our Tokenomics is designed for the first priority of community development. We can show you that all Token which is allocated for Dev team, advisors and some Strategic partners get locked for a certain time. This proves that we are focusing on Game and community development much more than our surface profits. and we want to get results after the game is successful only. The largest share of Token is allocated for play to earn funds. This fund is seriously working for the gamer community development. Because we put priority on the development of this community… ^^


The airdrop part, we have been using effectively and helping us bring more and more communities day by day, you can join our Tele channel by this link

and follow Simba Empire activities, and Ecosystem fund.

We are using this fund to develop more unique ecosystems for the project. Because we have a lot of products which we have to make for our Simbaer. Like NFT wallet, more gamification features, PVP mode for Simba Hero and more…

Q6: Tell us about some of your achievements that you and your team are proud of?

techsimbaempire_Simba Empire: Yes, we have many strategic partners and media partners. you can find them on the Simba Empire home page. Our strategic partners are all big crypto enthusiasts in Vietnam and around the world.

Fortunately, they also have strong belief in the NFT and Play to Earn concept, that’s why they are very supportive of us.

About media partners, we want to through them to bring correct and genuine information to the community and even help us in many different ways also.

Q7: Let’s talk a little bit about your roadmap. What can we expect about the launch phases and the goals for each of them?

techsimbaempire_Simba Empire: As you see, our road map has a lot of new and unique thing is coming but everything is a hundred percent positive and most important is we want to serve and dedicate for Simbaer community and the NFTs gaming industry.

However, recently, we have changed a bit of the schedule, we are developing the adventure feature early to meet the needs of Play to earn as quickly as possible.

Q8: Where can we find out more about Simba Empire on social media?

techsimbaempire_Simba Empire: You can find us and more information about us on: Telegram channel in above link

Medium at here 



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