SiegeQuest: A Medieval NFT Game On The Binance Smart Chain

SiegeQuest is a play-to-earn game which provides a thrilling and adventurous experience to users via the $SIEGE token.

What is SiegeQuest?

SiegeQuest is a new play-to-earn NFT game that has a medieval pixel art theme. It allows players to build armies and attack strongholds in the realm of Bravaria, leading to an adventurous, thrilling, and fun experience altogether. $SIEGE yields after each successful attack allowing players to create and maintain armies along with making profits.

The promising project with sustainable reward pool, is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and is fully compatible with crypto wallet to accept transactions and pay for blockchain gas fees, Metamask. Metamask can be installed as a mobile application or browser extension. Assets are in the form of NFTs  owned by the players that can be traded on their SiegeQuest’s own marketplace.

With NASA programmers on the team, founders have solved the issues one sees in games like Cryptomines. It is also important to note that the project promises a 3 week ROI and the ILO is happening now and will end on April 10th. 



Armies are formed by combining Soldiers with Siege Weapons, which allows users to attack strongholds and win $SIEGE. Recruiting soldiers will need $SIEGE and it is not necessary for each soldier to have the same pedigree. Better Soldiers will have more Siege Power (SP), which implies a higher level of Strongholds during attacks.

Siege weapons

$SIEGE is used to mint Siege Weapons that are combined with Soldiers for the formation of Armies, which can attack the enemy in a better way. It is important for A player to have a minimum of one Siege Weapon with at most 10 Siege Weapons per army.

Soldiers prefer to join armies that have more effective Siege Weapons. The amount of Soldiers (Capacity) that can be added when constructing an army shows this.


Soldiers and Siege Weapons are combined to form armies. Soldiers and Siege Weapons can be added to an army, but they cannot be removed. There are no more Siege Weapons that may be added to an Army once it has been formed.

Soldiers may be added to Armies if the Army’s capacity hasn’t been effectively utilized or if space becomes available as a result of Stronghold attacks.

The quality of your Siege Weapons determines the size of your army. You can Recruit Soldiers with higher-quality Siege Weapons.

Attacking Strongholds

Every 24 hours, each army can attack a Stronghold. A player can earn more $SIEGE by having more Armies. The number of Armies a player can have is unrestricted.

Players have the option of attacking the Stronghold with the highest reward or attacking the Stronghold with the best chance of success.

To attack a stronghold, an army must have at least the needed Siege Power (SP). As a result, the plan for constructing an army is important.


The loss of Soldiers (Casualties) is a critical deflation factor in SiegeQuest’s long-term survival. It also has unspoken advantages, such as allowing an army to recruit new soldiers with better Siege Power than those who were lost during an attack. This allows an army to attack stronger Strongholds for more $SIEGE and a better chance of victory.

As players attack higher level Strongholds, the odds of casualties during an attack grow. The amount of Siege Power reduced from an army when it suffers casualties is proportional to the Stronghold that was targeted. The armies lose NFTs every day and the player has to buy more to survive, leading to a healthy reward pool.

Bonus Success Rate

The player will need to attack the higher level Strongholds with a higher quantity of Siege Power than the minimum needed for a higher success rate. You will earn a 1% bonus chance on your Attack success rate for each additional 16 Siege Power over the required minimum. Any Stronghold will have a maximum success rate of 88%.

Rewards Coffer

$SIEGE is spent on armies’ supplies like food, as well as soldiers and siege weapons. It also has value outside the Realm of Bravaria. Using MetaMask and PancakeSwap, players can trade the currency as they see fit.

While one claims the reward, there is a 100% early withdrawal fee. However, this fee is reduced by 4% if the player attacks its first Stronghold of the day, and so on, until it touches 44% on day 14. From day 15, they can claim rewards for no fees at all.

NFT Marketplace

The project will also include the inclusion of an internal NFT marketplace that will allow players to buy and sell Soldiers and Siege Weapons. The transactions would have a tax of 15% for using the marketplace which is returned to the Rewards Pool.

$SIEGE Tokenomics 

SiegeQuest has a utility native token called $SIEGE that has a maximum supply of 50,000,000. The token uses a mechanism where in every two weeks, liquidity will be locked and the Development Fund will be vested at a rate of 3.85%.

Token Distribution



SiegeQuest brings a fun world for players to earn as well as enjoy gaming by building armies and conquering the lands of Bravaria. Users can do a number of things with the help of NFTs and also take part in the ILO which is happening right now until 10th April. The project also confirms a 3-week ROI which might attract more players. 






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