Shooting Behind Enemy Lines: A Review of Born To Die

The Born To Die team granted access to BSC News to play the Alpha mode of their upcoming Web3 first-person shooter game on BNB Chain.

Born To Die (BTDG) is a blockchain game built on BNB Chain, and is one of the many first-person shooter games making their way to the Web3 gaming market.

The team behind BTDG is composed of individuals that have at least 10 years of experience in the gaming industry, and have helped developed AAA games in the Web2 space. But with all the shooter games in the market, one might question what makes BTDG different?

According to Harsha, Co-Founder of Zetaverse Labs, the exciting campaign objectives and multiple roles playable in the game are what make BTDG stand out.

“There are also roles like gathering resources, minting NFTs, and doing other activities which compel the players to think, strategize and execute,” Harsha told BSCNews. “It’s not just a shoot-kill game, but a strategy game which needs teamwork and coordination. We intend to add levels, functions and new challenges iteratively. Nothing is set in stone, and there are surprises up ahead, which can completely throw you off.”


The blockchain features in this game are represented in tokens and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Tokens are rewarded as proof of playing the game, while NFTs are both rewards and issued by the BTDG team.

There are initial AAA Genesis NFTs that give early access to early supporters, Hero NFTs that form the core of the gameplay, and Land parcels that serve as business centers of their metaverse. NFTs are upgradeable and there will be resources that can be collected from gameplay and sold on the secondary market.

According to the BTDG website, the game will support multichain gameplay and wallets on various chains such as BNB, Ethereum, Polygon and Solana.

Born To Die Gameplay Review

The BTDG team was kind enough to give BSC News access to the Alpha version of the game to test out. Upon starting the game, the sounds immediately give off a good first impression. The background music instantly immerses players in the game and pumps enough adrenaline to make gamers want to start playing immediately.

The Alpha version has great and realistic graphics, given the phase that the product is currently in. The main menu and character select screens have room for improvement, but the in-game graphics set the mood pretty nicely. Nothing says “battleground” like destroyed buildings, piled-up sandbags, overgrown plants, and destroyed vehicles.

Screenshot from Born To Die Alpha

The objective in Alpha is for players to enter the Zetaverse, which can only happen once the Delta IV level is reached. To get to Delta IV, players need to pass through Delta I, II and III, neutralize opponents, and collect the keys at each Delta level. The Zetaverse is where players can interact with others, purchase characters, weapons, and accessories, and enter the Battle Ground.

In terms of gameplay, what you notice initially is that the characters move slowly, and that the camera doesn’t follow your character. Players need to move their mouse in order to adjust the camera, and hold shift to sprint while they move around the map.

Then comes familiarization with the controls. The control settings aren’t available in the Main Menu, but pressing Tab during gameplay shows the player how to control their character.

Screenshot from Born To Die Alpha

Players equip themselves with guns and ammo that are picked up from the environment. Upon starting Alpha, there is an area where can get what they need before venturing off and battling enemies. A mini map is seen on the lower left of the screen, while the ammo, gun type, and health are on the lower right.

“BTDG is a continuously evolving game with updates and new levels coming [out often] making gameplay very dynamic and engaging,” Harsha said. “We intend to be the leaders in the Web3 gaming, not just with the gameplay approach, but also with the Web3 economics, and empowering users. We are committed to BTDG for the next 10 years, and the roadmap will evolve with the community participation.”

Check out Born To Die’s website for more information about their project.

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