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Cryptodaily Admin: Hello everyone!!!!! Welcome back to another AMA with BSCDaily! I’m your host Daley and today, I’m joined by JShibam – The CMO from ShibSpaceX Inu

Greetings man, how’s everything?

JShibam: Hello everyone, I am CMO of ShibSpaceX Inu. I’m really good, man, and you?

Cryptodaily Admin: Really excited for today’s AMA with ShibSpaceX Inu also, so why don’t we start right away? Do you have anything to say to the community before we begin?

JShibam: Yeah. let’s do it right now

Cryptodaily Admin: superb!!!

JShibam: I just wanna say: “We’re friendly, and we love BscDaily !” #From ShibSpaceX Inu with love

Q1: Please introduce us to the core team members of ShibSpaceX Inu! What are your past experiences with Blockchain?

JShibam: Love that question man!

About Our Core members :

1. JosePhX – CEO

2. JShibam – CMO (me)

3. MasanoriX – CTO

4. Liv Yak – Leader Design

…and many staff

Our team comes from some countries in the world ! 

We are now live in US and making ShibSpaceX Inu together

I think you guys will feel comfortable about DEV Team because we got KYC by Solid Proof company and BscDaily

Cryptodaily Admin: Ah I see, so the core members are living in the US at the moment, but still, what are your past experiences with Blockchain may I ask?

JShibam: Our team invested in Crypto Market for more than 5 years, and saw many projects. So this time, we think we have to bring for the community a meme project right main !

We loved Shiba Inu, I think everyone knows ShibaInu.

Q2. What is ShibSpaceX Inu Project?

JShibam: Wow, I am texting to talk about ShibSpaceX Inu LOL and you asked, love it.

Cryptodaily Admin: that’s what we do

JShibam: ShibSpaceX Inu is a MEME Token on #BSC inspired by Shiba and SpaceX. $SSI is also a World’s Best Community Token because Dev Team have no tokens. Along with renounced owner, locked liquidity in 1 year we become a 100% legit project, you can check them in our smart contract

Q3: Is ShibSpaceX Inu project really safe?

Cryptodaily Admin: But I think with the KYC with Solid Proof, renounced ownership. I think it’s pretty safe to me

JShibam: Haha, yes man. These are the most important things! Thanks for your research about our project

Q4: Do you mind if we need Proof of Audit and KYC of Shiba SpaceX Inu project?

JShibam: Sure, our project is very safe by the Audit and KYC DEV team from the Auditing company Solid Proof. And many special features like : 

✦Buy/Sell Tax 7%

✦Renounced Owner

✦Team Have No Tokens

✦Locked Liquidity in 1 year

Yes my friend! I think I have to show the proof of KYC/Audit right now for everyone !



Check :

Yes, everything has to be public for investors !

Q5: What is the tokenomics of $SSI and what can we do with it?

JShibam: Sure Daley! Oh, easy question. let’s me answer right now

1. Project Name : ShibSpaceX Inu – $SSI

2. SC : 0x82Ce35AE179353F2c7475Bde89e7A99d9d6c04Fc

3. Decimals: 9

4. Total Supply : 1,000,000,000,000 $SSI

   4.1. Presale : 62% 

   4.2. Liquidity : 36.5%

   4.3. 1.5% of total supply will be used to pay Unicrypt fees. Remaining tokens will be burned forever

I want to say “beware of scammers, i saw many $SSI token live now ”

Cryptodaily Admin: For sure! Be careful with the smart contract!


this is theirs, one and only

JShibam: Another Meme token did not have use case, but $SSI had : You can hold $SSI like a legit meme token, in the future we will launch many plan like Dapps, Event for benefits of Holders $SSI

Q6. What are the fees when we make a transaction?

JShibam: I think maybe you fall in love with $SSI

Cryptodaily Admin: As long as it has utilities + great community!

JShibam: About fee of transaction, it’s only 7% : 2% we use to Fee Buy back & Burn, 5% Fee Marketing. Very cheap and easy to buy/sell $SSI. 

Some good news for our audience today !

Just after 4 days from the listing day, we burned 2 times. 

I can show you the proof of: 

Feel free to check it buddy !

We called : “Sunrise in the FIRE ”

Cryptodaily Admin: So you just had a listing day

Q7. Can you describe the results of your pre-sale/fair launch?

JShibam: Yes, 4 days ago. I am so happy to say about our Presale

ShibSpaceX Inu successfully held Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) on leading Launchpad protocol (Unicrypt)  in just 30 seconds with a fund raising of 100/100 $BNB.

But you guys not need to suprise

You can check it at here :

SOLD OUT in just 30s

Q8. Tell me about the achievements of your marketing campaigns, ATH ROI,… and somethings like that you have done in the past!

JShibam: Thanks man! I am hoping to answer this question. In the past, from the start of our project to present, we have done a lot of work, many marketing campaigns. We focus on working with KOLs in Tiktok, Twitter, Telegram,… You can check them all on our Telegram Channel as well as Twitter.

Besides, we have worked with many Crypto Global communities. They have many post reviews, community call ShibSpaceX Inu $SSI

I can show you guys some proof : 

and 1 event ended (, 1 event still live now ( , )

oh ATH, about ATH ROI, we got x6 from Presale Price and current price is sideway x3 from Presale, that’s amazing because our holders don’t panic sell any time.

Cryptodaily Admin: Looking at the chart, you guys are doing great actually

JShibam: We do not want to make a pump/dump project. We want still alive although $BTC down

I mean, we want to be a Shiba Inu V2 (Please Keep it secret 🥹)

Cryptodaily Admin: Now that’s ambitious but hey who knows right? The volume is still a bit small, but I think the community is just holding on!

Q9. What are your plans for marketing campaigns next time?

JShibam: Best question, investors really want to know !

In Short-term plans, as you know, we will constantly look for communities in other countries to offer cooperation as well as continuously find advertisers/Proposals/Kols,…

We will try to complete the basic standards of a project as soon as possible, like listing on CMC, CGC…

And create some more local community.

Now we just have 2 local communities (China and Vietnam) but in the future there will be 20, 50,…

Cryptodaily Admin: Do you want to post the links to the 2 communities here?

JShibam: Here we go

Q10. When will $SSI be listed on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko as well as CEX exchanges?

JShibam: Yea man! Thank you so much. Oh, many investors asked us about this news

Regarding the listing on Coinmarketcap, we have successfully applied the ticket code. CoinMarketcap staff is checking our project along with the conditions attached.

I think $SSI will list Coinmarketcap soon, because we had enough of all requests from them !

Cryptodaily Admin: I can’t see any reason why not too

JShibam: The same for Coingecko

Cryptodaily Admin: Great!!! The chat can check ShibSpaceX Inu out!

JShibam: Regarding the list of CEX exchanges, there have been a few exchanges such as HotBit, Bitmart, LBank, … actively contacted us to cooperate, they thought our project was very good and they did not have any worries. We are actively working to come to the conclusion of these deals. 

We want to develop community first !

Cryptodaily Admin: Some exciting news there hehe. Ok peeps! DYOR!!!

JShibam: Sure, DYOR before investing in Crypto !

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with ShibSpaceX Inu

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

JShibam: Many questions I want to answer, but cannot here. But we can answer at ShibSpaceX Inu Group Chat, because we alway want to support all

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you for showing up and talking about ShibSpaceX Inu!

JShibam: I just wanna say love and thanks to Daley, BSCDaily members, ShibSpaceX Inu members !

Cryptodaily Admin: I love the enthusiasm, man! Way to go. Best of luck on your upcoming plans ShibSpaceX Inu!!! Take care now JShibam!

JShibam: Yes man, goodbye everyone and hope BscDaily alway success

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