ShibaNova and DeFi 2.0: The New Generation of Security in Decentralized Finance

Seemingly overnight, Decentralized Finance, DeFi, ushered in a new era in Finance and expanded the possibility for real-world use cases for cryptocurrency at large.  According to DappRadar, over $75Billion of funds are invested in the space.  Cryptocurrency investors became familiar with names like Uniswap, PancakeSwap, and a myriad of other projects that have now become synonymous with DeFi – driven by high risk and even higher rewards.  Unfortunately, DeFi has also become known for the rug pulls or exploits that happen almost on a daily basis.  As more and more of these exploits affect newer and older projects alike, the question remains: how do you protect investors and projects in DeFi?ADVERTISEMENT

ShibaNova and the Birth of DeFi 2.0

ShibaNova is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and Automatic Market Maker (AMM) built on the Binance Smart Chain.  From the beginning, the team at ShibaNova envisioned a project that can set the new standard in DeFi by providing a sustainable model for a Security Stack that aims to provide the safest place to invest – DeFi 2.0. 

One of the fundamental pillars of DeFi 2.0 is completing multiple, high-quality smart contract audits before the project is launched. ShibaNova has partnered with some of the most highly regarded DeFi auditors in the market: EtherAuthority, CTDSEC, and the illustrious Peckshield.

Each of these audits built on the other – offering a very high level of scrutiny of the ShibaNova smart contracts to make sure that there is no easily exploitable code. These auditors are also able to offer recommendations to further fortify any areas that need to be strengthened to ensure a high level of security for the project. 

Beyond the audits, the Team also sought out to complete a full KYC by AssureDefi to provide an extra layer of protection for investors.  The team behind ShibaNova cannot simply run away with user funds and rug pull the project without repercussions.  This is a very strong indicator that the team plans to build a successful and trusted project long term.

Another important layer of the Security Stack for ShibaNova is offering a bug bounty through ImmuneFi.  White hat hackers who want to help projects by identifying potential risks in their smart contracts are motivated and rewarded by bug bounties.  If a vulnerability is found through these bug bounties, Development Teams can work out a proper fix to the code and limit the damage to the project instead of dealing with potential catastrophe when hackers/bad actors identify a vulnerability that they can exploit to drain millions of investor funds from unsuspecting projects.

ShibaNova is trying to redefine Security in DeFi.  It is this commitment to DeFi 2.0 and keeping funds SAFU that separates them from other yield farming and DEX/AMM projects in the market.  And this is just the beginning – they are committed to continuously growing their formidable security offerings for the future.  It is this level of commitment and vigilance that investors in ShibaNova can expect now and in the future.

If the message of DeFi 2.0 resonates with you as a DeFi investor, we encourage you to read more about ShibaNova at  The project will have its public sale starting Friday, August 6 at 2PM UTC. 

Additional information about ShibaNova

ShibaNova is a Decentralized Exchange and Automatic Market Maker built on the Binance Smart Chain. We aim to solve one of the fundamental problems in Decentralized Finance (DeFi), where the project’s native token rises in value at launch only to incrementally decrease in value day after day until it ultimately goes down to zero. We solve this problem by turning our investors into valued shareholders – eligible to get their share of 75% of fees collected in our dApp. By providing liquidity to our project and creating/holding our dividend tokens, our shareholders are able to earn daily passive income. This daily dividends system not only incentivizes long-term holding but promotes ownership of the project by the entire community. This is our vision for DeFi 2.0 – sustainable, secure, successful, cross-chain, and universal.

ShibaNova aims to be one of the Top 10 DeFi projects in the entire cryptocurrency market! ShibaNova DEX and AMM is just the beginning. Next stop on our roadmap is ShibaNova LiftOff – our full-service launchpad project that we will roll out to support new, honest, and trustworthy projects who share our vision for DEFI 2.0. As part of the full-service launchpad, we will also offer security and marketing products from our partners at reduced rates. Compared will existing launchpads in the market, we will charge zero fees for projects to launch with us, as long as they meet our security criteria and agree to provide liquidity for their tokens on our DEX. The presale swap currency for the launchpad will also be NOVA, bringing yet another use case for our native token. Consequently, the fees and the additional burns from this use case will also help to further sustain the price for NOVA long-term. 

Our future roadmap also includes ShibaNova NFT Shop – including NFT minter, viewer, and marketplace, ShibaNova Cross-chain/Multi-chain, and ShibaNovaDAO, to create a truly decentralized governance protocol. 

PUBLIC SALE: 6 August, 2PM UTC – Farms will open 24 hours later.

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