Shibance Starts Putting Plans in Motion

The pup-based project has released their lottery and NFT farming, with their launchpad set to launch at the end of September.

Shibance Milestones

Shibance is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and Launchpad on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), powered by the $WOOF token. Shibance is a clever play on the words ‘shiba’ and ‘finance’, capitalizing on the hype that pup-based tokens and projects have had in the crypto space.

Shibance has been hard at work recently, partnering with projects like CumRocket, Australian Safe Shepherd, and Cupcake, along with working on their roadmap goals. One of those goals is the $WOOF Lottery, which is now live for Shibance users.

$WOOF Lottery

The Shibance Lottery has just recently launched. The Lottery costs 100 $WOOF per ticket, with all ticket sales used to fund the jackpot. Each ticket has a set of numbers, with winnings distributed based on how many of the numbers match the winning draw. Shibance has infused 800,000 bonus $WOOF into the first two lotteries, of which one has already concluded.

Winnings are distributed as follows:

1 number matched = 2%

2 numbers matched = 3%

3 numbers matched = 5%

4 numbers matched = 10%

5 numbers matched = 20%

6 numbers matched = 40%

In addition to the winnings, 20% of the ticket proceeds will be burned in a deflationary measure. 

In order to win, the ticket numbers must match from the start of the number series. Example: if the jackpot ticket is 456789, if a participant has a ticket reading 356789, they will not win because the first number does not match. If the jackpot ticket is 456789 and a user has a ticket reading 483421, they will win the 2% prize as the first number matches.

NFT Farming

Along with their Lottery product, Shibance has just launched a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) yield farming function. Users are able to stake $WOOF in order to earn rare NFTs on the Shibance platform. In order to earn the NFTs users must stake their holdings through the snapshot date of September 14th. The NFT Farming will be organized into three editions of each NFT avatar: Silver, Gold, and Pearl, with only 3 Pearl edition NFTs being minted. Shibance will have 3 core NFT farms, along with 5 partner farms.

Core Farms: Shibu (WOOF AutoCompounder), SpiderPupper (WOOF-BUSD, Shibance LP), Big Shibu (WOOF-BUSD, PancakeSwap LP)

Partner Farms: Lecterinu (CUPCAKE-WOOF), Achish (CAKE-WOOF), Equi (MOONSHOT-WOOF), TSHibusi (ASS-WOOF), ShibaRiba (CUMMIES-WOOF)

Core Silver requirements – users must hold at least $3,000 USD equivalent in the farm to receive a Silver edition.

Core Gold requirements – users must hold at least $10,000 USD equivalent in the farm to receive a Gold edition.

Core Pearl requirements – only available for the Shibu farm. Top 3 holders will receive the Pearl edition. 

Partner Silver requirements – users must hold $1,000 USD equivalent in the farm to receive a Silver edition.

Partner Gold requirements – users must hold $3,000 USD equivalent in the farm to receive a Gold edition.

Upcoming Launchpad

Shibance will be releasing their Launchpad during the month of September. The product will help new BSC projects with similar values as Shibance to get their platforms started by holding presales on the Launchpad. Stay tuned to the Shibance Announcements Telegram channel to learn more about the upcoming release!

Concluding Thoughts

Shibance is hard at work to build their pup-friendly ecosystem, with a successful DEX launch and the opening of NFT Farming already underway. The project has been able to meet all of their roadmap goals so far, and seem to be on track to continue that success with their upcoming Launchpad release. For lovers of memecoins and Shibu-themed crypto, Shibance is worth a look!

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