Share your suggestion for future features of SafeSwap

Hello Everyone, we are super excited to know that our community has grown so fast and that our partners their staking boxes are rapidly growing with more new stakers and holders every day.

We are always looking to learn more about the interests of our holders as well as finding out more about what others value most in our project. In case you have some nice feedback or suggestions how we could improve the future of SafeSwap Online then please do not hesitate to reply to this message.

The best suggestions that we implement (incase we didnt have this planned yet) might be rewarded with a small gift that could either be in BNB, USDT or SWAP.

Leave your suggestions behind and dont forget to reply it to this message as well as add the hashtag in the bottom as follow:

#SafeSwapSuggestions / @Jaimydevries

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