Seven Uncut Scenes From Tarantino Classic ‘Pulp Fiction’ Coming To NFTs

The unique mystery surrounding the film’s content makes this release even more irresistible.

Tarantino Exposes Secret NFTs

Renowned contemporary film director Quentin Tarantino will uncover seven never before viewed scenes from his iconic film Pulp Fiction and mint them as NFTs. Fans should be excited to know that every NFT will come with some unique and previously unknown fact about Pulp Fiction. 

The collection was initially announced as a secret tease in a blog by Secret Labs in late October but was officially revealed by Tarantino himself when he won a lifetime achievement award over Halloween weekend in the shadow of the G-20 Summit in Rome. 

“I’m excited to be presenting these exclusive scenes from PULP FICTION to fans,” Tarantino said in the press release from November 2nd. “Secret Network and Secret NFTs provide a whole new world of connecting fans and artists and I’m thrilled to be a part of that.”


The film will drive the main content, but it is likely that fans will be driven to collect some rare history related to one of the best films of the 1990s. Each NFT will contain one-of-a-kind content related to the famous film, like uncut first handwritten scripts of “Pulp Fiction,” commentary from Tarantino, and much more. 

The collection is built on the Secret Network, a first Layer 1 blockchain with privacy-by-default for applications, and the first sales will be on OpenSea. Tarantino and the film are both incredibly famous for their impact on motion picture history.

“NFTs could be THE most disruptive technology to come out of this decade,” said Guy Zyskind, Co-founder of Secret Network and CEO of SCRT Labs, in the press release. “The art community is alive with innovation and the media is actively exploring all the potential use cases associated with the technology. Now, we have privacy and access controls courtesy of Secret Network. Ultimately, that will enable a whole litany of new potential use cases.”

There is no official launch date for the NFTs; however, progress can be tracked on the project’s official website, where users can also join the waitlist. The Tarantino Universe is intricate and profound, and the potential to see more into the artist’s mind and creation through NFTs is ever-more enticing. 

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