Set Sail With the Haddie’s Bay Club Mint

The collection is live on TBS Launchpad at a mint price of 0.18 BNB. Interestingly, users are allowed to own unlimited NFTs in their wallets.

Haddie’s Bay Club NFTs Goes Live 

New Non-Fungible Token (NFT) protocol on BNB Chain, Haddie’s Bay Club, launched its unique collection to the NFT space on March 25 at 14:00 UTC. The collection, Maine Lobster NFTs, is now available for minting on The Bull Society (TBS) Launchpad

TBS listing represents a massive statement by the NFT platform, considering its short time in the industry. The collaboration also promotes the collection’s recognition on BNB Chain. Following the significant development, BSC News quickly connected with the Haddie’s Bay Club team, and the CEO and founder, Mark Murrell, was excited to share his thoughts. 

“Being a Web2 business jumping into Web3, having TBS as a partner has been an amazing and necessary partnership. Being able to tap into their experience and community is game-changing for us. And, they are so generous with their time and intell,” Mark told BSC News. 

Find out more about the fascinating story that saw the conceptualization of this innovative NFT collection. As the mint heats up, the team will continue work on their roadmap and be actively working toward establishing the project as a mainstay on BNB Chain.

Maine Lobster NFT | Source

Maine Lobster NFTs is a collection of 7,777 unique Lobsters powered by Get Maine Lobster. Each NFT differs in hair, size, background color, body, tail, wrist accessory, and Lobster claw. The mint price for each Maine Lobster is 0.18 BNB on TBS Launchpad. Users can mint a maximum of 20 NFTs per transaction, but they can own an unlimited amount of Maine Lobsters in their wallets. 

The protocol’s Roadmap features numerous plans to reward holders of its unique collection on BNB Chain.  One such incentive is the “merch giveaway” for five lucky community members immediately after users mint 17% of the collection. Visit the Maine Lobster NFT page on TBS to start minting or the protocol’s website to learn more about the digital collectible, including the protocol’s Roadmap. 

What is Haddie’s Bay Club:

Haddie’s Bay Club is a collection of 7777 Haddie the 1-in-100-million Cotton Candy Lobster NFTs. The team refers to themselves as seafaring creatives and fun-loving Metaverse enthusiasts – not to mention proud original Haddie caretakers! Their crew is filled with obsessed curators of unforgettable experiences: artists, seasoned CEOs, digital marketing pros, NFT experts. They also claim to have a dope rapper on their roster. 

The project is led by Founder Mark Murrell, CEO/Chief Curator of Get Maine Lobster (GML), an online seafood company in the USA. Get Maine Lobster (and Mark) has been featured in Forbes, The Economist, Today Show, and many more top-tier media outlets. The GML brand has worked with a number of Celebrity Chefs; Fabio Viviani, Dena Marino, Brian Duffy, and many others.

Where to find Haddie’s Bay Club:

Website | Twitter | Telegram |

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