SeederVerse: P2E Platform That Levels Up Gaming and CeDeFi

SeederVerse is a play-to-earn (P2E) NFT game that operates both on and off-chain and is developed by Seeder.Finance, a yield farming protocol, and a P2E platform.

What is SeederVerse?

SeederVerse is a play-to-earn game in which gamers can form a team of a maximum of 4 Seedmons, which are in-game characters with their own stats, and enjoy the game. The game was developed by Seeder.Finance, a fair-launch yield farming & play to earn protocol on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

The SeederVerse game will use NFTs for gaming that can be earned in the game by spending LEAF tokens or can be traded with others in the secondary marketplace. Furthermore, SEED is the reward currency of the SeederVerse. 

The game runs in both on/off-chain manner so as to ensure that the functioning is smooth and users have fun. 

Another notable factor is that the platform has been audited by Inspex, and you can find the audit report here

Source: SeederVerse Doc

How to Play SeederVerse?

As explained above, SeederVerse is an NFT game, and hence, you can buy these NFTs using SEED or trade them on the marketplace. On the other hand, after a player gets their Seedmon, they can also upgrade it via several methods, which will be pointed out in the game.

Source: Marketplace

There are several gaming modes that you can enjoy, including Player vs. Player, in which you can earn LEAF. 



Seedmons are the main characters through which you can play. There are different tribes of Seedmons, and with the Gachapon feature, players can access Seedmons in a randomized manner. 

The features include 2 packages of Gacha, including ‘Limited Gacha Seed’ and ‘Premium Gacha Seed.’ The former includes 3,000 Seedmons, while the latter includes 200 Seedmons. Both are worth 500 LEAF each. But, the Premium Gacha Seed is only available for people who hold more than 10 TREE.

Tribes and Elements

There are the following tribes of Seedmons in the game, which have their own traits and pros:




Furthermore, each tribe has its own sub-species as well. 

There are different elements that Seedmons possess and can use for attacks:

Fire: With base color red, Seedmons with this element use fire to attack and deal +25% vs. Wind and -25% vs. Water.

Water: With base color blue, Seedmons with this element use water to attack and deal +25% vs. Fire and -25% vs. Wind.

Wind: With base color green, Seedmons with this element use air to attack and deal +25% vs. Water and -25% vs. Fire.

Light: With base color white and gold, Seedmons with this element use light to attack and deal +25% vs. Shadow and -25% vs. Light.

Shadow: With base color black and purple, Seedmons with this element use dark to attack and deal +25% vs. Light and -25% vs. Shadow

Furthermore, suppose on opening a Gachapon, the player gets two identical Seedmons. In that case, they can be fused and produce a Seedmon with better stats and hidden traits, another promising feature that might appeal to some gamers.


In order to participate, players will need to send resources purchased on-chain “Real world” to off-chain “SeederVerse.” On the other hand, in order to sell/trade, they will have to reverse the process. This is done using the SeederBridge.

Once you start the game, your Seedermon will have no energy, and you will have to charge it. This can be done using the SEED token, which is the reward currency in the SeederVerse. As per the document, there is “no reward per block set for minting. Hence, the inflation will grow proportionally with active users.”

Your SEED rewards can only be claimed once in 15 days, and the amount will be capped. This ensures that ‘users that need immediate use of SEED need to buy it from the market first.’

Source: SeederVerse Doc 

After charging, you can play in the PVP mode, wherein you can choose to be an attacker or a defender. The former needs to spend energy to play while the latter doesn’t. 


Source: Official Document


The roadmap for Seeder.Finance has been explained in the image below and includes all the notable events that have been planned for the SeederVerse.

Source: Official Doc

Final Thoughts

SeederVerse’s play-to-earn mechanism allows gamers to do more than just gaming. They can simultaneously earn and also farm using their LEAF tokens which can be earned in-game. 

The SEED reward tokens can be used to recharge the Seedmons, and to ensure smooth gaming, the game works in on and off-chain capabilities. The platform has also been audited by Inspex, another great aspect for gamers.







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