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BSC_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome. How are you today? 

Seeder Joe: Hello. We are excited! Glad to be here with BSCdaily today.

Seeder Mike: HI, we are doing great!

BSC_Daily Admin: Excellent! Love the enthusiasm 

Ok shall we start with the AMA?

Seeder Joe: Let’s do it!

Seeder Mike: Let’s go!

Q1: What is Seeder Finance all about? Give us a little summary

Seeder Joe: SEEEDER.Finance aims to be the simplest DeFi/GameFi project on Binance Smart Chain (for now), where it allows users to make the most returns and profits from farming and gaming activities throughout the platform.

Based on our plan we are at the forefront of the metaverse concept which will allow users to be engaged as well as truly be a part of the play-to-earn platform called SeederVerse.

SeederVerse is an RPG and Strategy NFT based game where players can collect characters from random gacha and the SeederVerse Marketplace. Trade with other players, collect and strengthen the player’s character to become stronger for PvP with other players on the Blockchain system. The game supports both On-chain and Off-chain systems that will make possibilities for multichain. Activities in the game Can be done without paying a Fee.

The game’s combat style is card-based, with each seedmon having its own Base Action, which when the character collects the full Action Gauge, it creates a card to create a card in the player’s hand. Players can use that card whenever they want. Only a maximum of 8 cards can be accumulated when a new card is produced while the hand is full. The new card will disappear immediately.

Some sample of our gameplay here in this

Well that pretty summarized us 

Q2: So could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences?

Seeder Joe: We are a group of Crypto and Bankers, who are very focused on making a DeFi world simpler by introducing a product that is easy to use for everyone.

Also, as enthusiastic gamers, we see opportunities to create the game with blockchain technology and interesting economic elements

We dove into the DeFi and GameFi world because we wanted to disrupt the traditional banking world. With GameFi we want everyone to enjoy playing the game SeederVerse as it is the up-and-coming way to earn and have fun!

Seeder Mike: Since our past experience with traditional finance, this truly helps us with the DeFi and tokenomics of the in-game tokens that will be announced soon. We have more plans to utilize the tokens $LEAF and the in-game tokens in order for the long term of the project

Q3: Let’s dive into your $TREE. Can you share with us your tokenomics? And what are some of its use cases?

Seeder Joe: Our $LEAF is Fair Launch Token Distribution

80% of our total supply will be distributed to Seeders with only 12% of the tokens vesting to the team over a one-year period. Over these two years, LEAF will be released with a decaying emissions schedule. In total, there will be 200 million LEAF.

Howerer, here’s what we are different from others.

We strongly believe in the long-term commitment of our holders, so we introduced a concept of “Ownership token” where holders are able to get a dividend that the platform generates. Like owning a company stock, not just a governance token that doesn’t hold a real income stream. That’s the TREE token — that we introduced, and you can’t just simply buy it from the market. It takes time and commitment to earn TREEs.

Only locked rewards from LEAF staking can be converted to TREE, which means we reduce total supply of our tokenomics into two different tokens and holder types – Owner (TREE) and Holder (LEAF).

This is our approach to make sure we all can participate in the platform, it also helps to protect our tokenomics in the longer run.

Furthermore, we will soon launch new in-game token which can be earned from the game as a reward called “Seed”.

This inflation token will have its own role in Seederverse as a utility token as pay-to-win token or use for some certain activities in-game to make sure we can counter the inflation and make the game sustainable in the longer term. Not a boom and bust like others.

In short, we have 3 different tokens: $TREE,$LEAF, $SEED in our ecosystem and each of them will play its part to balance and stabilize the growth of the platform.

For example,

$LEAF will be used to acquire certain necessities to play the game e.g. Seedmon gacha, Seedmon fusing, etc

and $SEED will be used to acquire in-game items e.g. energy potion, xp scroll, and other things that frequently need in the game

same concept as MMORPG 

Q4: Does the project have any backers or partners? Please tell us more about them.

Seeder Mike: We had received some private funding from founders of reputable VC firms as seed funding early on the project. The funds were used in the launching, partnership deals and the listing of $LEAF that has already been announced. GokuMarket will list LEAF/USDT by year-end and the exact date will be announced by them next week. The relationship with GokuMarket will be a deeper one as we will be launching many services to their users based across the globe.

We had announced a few partners in the past… namely Formless which is a Guild management platform among others.

More Guild management partners will be announced soon.

As for funding, we are currently closing another formal round of funding for SeederVerse and should be able to announce it in Q1 of next year.

Q5: Does your $TREE token get audited? And how can you make sure there’s no bugs or hacks in your project?

Seeder Mike: We used a total of 3 audit firms to audit our project

no issues in the code now

Seeder Joe: All the code we use is our own IP, we didn’t fork it from anyone and we are quite proud of that.

Seeder Mike: that also ensured that there will be no surprises in the code.

Seeder Joe: Also for the game, instead of launching it right away, we run quite a long alpha and beta testing phase (one month per phase) to make sure there’s no security issues or glitches in the gameplay before we launch the game.

You may be aware that many projects have some miscalculation about rewards and xp in the game, that’s something you can’t just audit but need to test with the real player in a specific time period before tuning it up to the perfection.

And we choose the harder part.. to wait and see until we are satisfied with the result before really launching it.

That should be enough evidence how seriously we take this security and tokeomics.

Q6: What can we expect in the next 3 months and in 2022 as a whole?

Seeder Joe: From the above answer, we are approaching the end of the beta cycle and proud to announce that we are ready to launch the game on December 25!

Aas a Christmas gift for all Seedians and we will have a gacha event that will be open for new users to participate. We will make sure everyone can participate fairly in the game.

Our Q1 will focus on in depth gameplay and features e.g.

– More Seedmons and gacha

– Event

– Items

– Fusing

– Domain/Land – more details to be announced soon 

Once it’s enough game details, then we will start expanding to other chain outside BSC since we designed the game to be off-chain so it will be easier to expand

Q7: In your introduction, you said that the liquidity pool pairs is one of the features that make your project unique, can you tell us more about that?

Seeder Joe: I guess you mean our ownership token $TREE where we share platform revenue with all the holders.

We called it “Blooming rewards”. We all the tree holders will have a dividend from the platform for example if a user has a transaction in the marketplace in $BUSD – all the tax from selling it will be used to buy $LEAF in the market and put it in the platform treasury.

Once it’s enough for payout, we will distribute the rewards to all the $TREE holders in quarterly basis.

This blooming rewards really include all the revenue generated in the game from marketplace, gacha, items selling, and etc.

We do make sure that $TREE holders are classified as owner of the platform not Developers.

Seeder Mike: Another very unique feature that we had already implemented is the Seeder Bridge.  Seeder Bridge allows accessibility of multichain to join our universe. By bridging tokens in your wallet to SeederVerse and playing.

 Connect multichain bridging and router via Seeder Bridge. Users can move from chain to chain such as $AXS in ERC20 mainnet can be bridged to Seed token in BSC mainnet.

 Transfer NFTs from other chains to SeederVerse so that NFTs can be utilized within SeederVerse

 Seedians (users) can connect and explore other chains in blockchain world. It’s like entering metaverse or multichain network

now.. that’s where we are today and we will continue to enhance the product further!!

Q8: Where can we find out more about Seeder Finance?

Seeder Joe:




or the game:

BSC_Daily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Seeder Finance 

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Seeder Mike: HODL.. we are just getting started!!

SeederVerse is coming!!!

Seeder Joe: Well, honestly I think we are in a very early stage of the product. the game haven’t even launch yet.

and I believe we got the basics ready at this moment, just only launch button that we need to press.

so if we do the marketing right, you can imagine what the price reaction would be when our holder goes 10x-100x.

Also, we want to give this community a sneak peek from Goku. They should announce something this week so all I can share is their draft of graphic

guess that’s a wrap up for me 

BSC_Daily Admin: Thank you guys for the valuable advice and information about Seeder Finance.

We – the bsc_daily community wishes you best of luck!





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