SecondLive Secures Quavo from Migos for Pilot Metaverse Performance

Quavo will perform at the Pilot Metaverse concert powered by SecondLive and Innocent Cats, merging reality with NFTs.

Quavo Joins First Pilot Metaverse Concert

SecondLive and Innocent Cats are planning something fascinating on BNB Chain for the entire Non-fungible Token (NFT) space. Both innovative protocols launched a partnership to hold a metaverse concert featuring top American rapper and producer, Quavo. 

After teasing the community on numerous occasions, SecondLive announced on March 13 that Quavo would be performing at the first Pilot Metaverse concert. The concert, dedicated to promoting HipHop and Rap, will merge reality with NFTs. 

“#BreakingNews! We are thrilled to announce that super rap star, 1/3rd of greatest hip hop trio Migos @QuavoStuntin will be the performing artist in #SecondLive & @innocentcatsNFT first pilot Metaverse concert! Very much expecting this edgy show on @BNBCHAIN,” the social metaverse platform wrote on Twitter. 


The famous rapper also expressed his excitement towards the event after replying to InnocentCATs’ tweet the same day. 

“I’m very happy to be collaborating with @innocentcatsNFT for my first metaverse concert. Innocent Cats, let us enjoy the incredible journey. I am looking forward to a wonderful metaverse experience,” Migos tweeted. 

Most recently, Innocent Cats took to Twitter to display the Metaverse concert stadium. The music concert promises to be a thrilling experience for BNB Chain enthusiasts, but first, users need to purchase Innocent Cats NFTs to join the event. These NFTs will serve as concert tickets for the Pilot Metaverse event. 

BSC News will keep you updated as the event unfolds. However, no date has been set by SecondLive yet. 

Metaverse Stadium Building Uploaded by Innocent Cats | Source

What is SecondLive

‌‌SecondLive is a “Diverse 3D Virtual Space” where you become your ideal virtual avatar and do many real-life things in different spaces, such as virtual exhibitions, singing and dancing, shopping, and handling business. Users can use their SecondLive Avatar to make their own content and profit from their creations. 

Where to find SecondLive:

Website | Telegram | Medium | Twitter | Discord | News Channel

What is Innocent Cats?

Innocent Cats is a pioneer project for developing NFTs in the metaverse. The protocol, which started as a collection of 10,000 randomly generated artworks, evolved to extend the digital world to the physical world. Now, the platform organizes concerts for the metaverse, merging realities in fashion. 

Where to find Innocent Cats: 

Website | Twitter | Discord 

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